My American life…

It’s Day 111.  I go to the doctor tomorrow.  I hope she has some news for me.

I’ve been in America since last Thursday.  We drove down to Seattle from Vancouver.  There I spent a couple days with my cousin and her family.  She has a 3 year old daughter.  (For reference this is the cousin who told me she had no trouble conceiving and that really stung the more difficult it became for me.)  All that aside, her family is quite perfect, so of course conceiving was easy for her.  Her daughter is just such a joy.  She took to me quite quickly despite my cousin’s warning about her being a bit shy.  I really enjoyed my time there.

From Seattle, I took a flight to my home state where I’ve been since Saturday.  It’s my grandpa’s birthday this weekend, so I’ve been busy busy running errands and getting general things sorted out in The States.  It’s so nice to not be living out of suitcases right now.  In my down time I’ve been spending a lot of time with my sister and my niece.  She’s two and loves me to pieces.  (Seriously, all children love me since like forever.  Perhaps my curse is to just be loved by other children and never make any of my own.)  To be honest, being with my niece for part of the day is so exhausting, and I just want to nap like forever.  Today she had a fit in the car because she was tired and I couldn’t calm her down.  That bodes well for future spawn.  Sigh.  Meanwhile, my sister is talking about leaving this state and running away to marry some guy just because she’s lonely.  That’s why she had the baby (because she was lonely).  My family is a mess, you guys.

I miss Japan something fierce.  I miss my angry pup.  I miss my beautiful clean house.  I miss Endymion.  He seems sad every time I talk to him.  There’s not really anything I can do about it.  We already discussed this.

Anyway, life is not super exciting right now.  That’s fine with me, I guess.

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