A visit to the doctor…

Before I left Japan, I found out that my doctor who’s been my doctor since I was 13 left the practice she was at.  I found her new practice quite far away from my house.  When I called them, they said I couldn’t get in until late December, early January.  Time not exactly being on my side, I couldn’t make an appointment with her.  I decided to go to the same office I had been going to with a different doctor.

The new doctor was pretty nice.  She had a no nonsense approach which is good because I don’t have time for nonsense.  First, she was quite baffled by my case.  112 days, no period and no symptoms of menopause (or any other symptoms for that matter).  She took a urine sample and blood which they’re gonna do some tests on.  Meanwhile, she prescribed me medroxyprogesterone (basically Provera).  She hopes this will trick my body into thinking it ovulated and then a period will happen.  I’m on this for 10 days.  Then, I have a follow up appointment in which she’ll do an ultrasound and check it out down there.

I feel pretty good about these first steps and I feel a huge wave of relief being able to do this in America where I understand the language and what’s going on.  So, so far so good.

I’ll keep you posted.  Thanks for sticking around.

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