Oh happy day!

Yesterday I had cramps.  Mild cramps and a wee bit of spotting.  I felt a little hopeful but didn’t want to read too much into it.  I didn’t even go buy pads.  Imagine my disappointment when nothing happened last night.  However, this morning I woke up to spotting and soon as I got vertical…AF had arrived.  I never thought I’d be this happy for my period to arrive, but after a cycle that was more than 100 days too long, I was happy to feel like a normal functioning girl again.  But don’t get me wrong.  I’m not enjoying my period over here.  I’m currently suffering a headache, and I wanted to eat nothing more than Taco Bell for dinner.

So new cycle.  What am I doing different?  Well, I guess since the prince won’t arrive Stateside until the end of the year, I guess we’re not actively TTC since there is no sex to be had.  Kindara is back to predicting normal Ov dates and next period dates.  I hope that this cycle forces things to go back to normal.  I’m going to start temping again tomorrow.  When he arrives I’ll be on my period again (provided things normalize).  I only hope they do.

About supplements, everything I read says that fish oil is good for PCOS so I’ll start taking that again.  I’ll probably start taking Cal/Mag again.  As far as I know, these two things never made me sick.  Perhaps before we start TTC again, I’ll start prenatals again or maybe even just folic acid.  I’m dumping my medicine cabinet of vitamins.

The vacation is officially over and I started exercising again.  I’m trying to do 30 minutes a day, 5 times a week.

Anyway, life isn’t perfect but I’m feeling hopeful.  Thanks for sticking around.


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