Life with teeth…

Most of the time I’ve been coping really well being that I’m away from my home and my husband and dog.  However, last night was a really rough night for me.  Of course, you know that I have temporary crowns on right now.  I’ve been surviving using copious amount of Advil.  I usually don’t take it overnight because usually I can survive through the night once I fall asleep.  Yesterday, I decided to crash early (about 9:30) because my teeth were aching.  At about 10:40 I woke up crying in excruciating pain.  I took some Advil PM and cried until I fell asleep.  I keep thinking to myself these crowns were a bad idea.  They were a bad idea.  The dentist even said when he drilled out the teeth that there wasn’t much decay which translates to me I could have held off for a few more years.  When I got my crowns on my left side, I had pain for months, and I had moved to Japan so there was nothing I could do about it.  At least this time I’ll be in America almost another month to get things sorted and hopefully treat any pains that might help arise with the permanent crowns.  This is my current hell.

In addition, yesterday I was feeling really horny.  Really.  Of course, the prince is in Japan, and I’m in am America, so yeah.  I honestly thought about driving to Fascinations or some place like that.  Probably feeling amorous because Ov is on its way.  At least I hope it is, and I hope it’s not another bullshit cycle like the last one.

Not much to tell really.  I’m lonely.  My teeth hurt like the devil.  Pretty much same old same old except for the addition of the teeth business.

Calgon take me away.

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