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But how was your day?

Most of my day was pretty great.  No complaints.  Today I was sort of a little bit looking forward to getting rid of these bastard temporary crowns.  I raced to the dentist’s office after working in hopes to get this all over with.  Of course, I couldn’t go in right away, so I sat there fidgeting until they called me back.  Fortunately, the assistant who couldn’t get the fucking temporaries on the begin with wasn’t there which is good because I think she sucks.  Someone from another office was filling in for her.  She was really good.  However, when she went to remove the temporaries, she couldn’t get them off and waves of excruciating pain shot through my gums.  I cried out twice (one for each tooth) before I started crying. I had a mild anxiety attack and was literally shaking for a while.  Tooth pain makes me feel so helpless.  After that happened, she got the dentist, and he had to numb me before he could take them out.  Even after he numbed me initially, the top temporary was still causing me pain, so he had to numb it even more.  The rest of the transition from temporary to permanent went fine since I couldn’t feel anything.

I’ve been in bed since I got home and looking in the mirror is quite scary.  I look like I haven’t slept in weeks.  I’m starting to get hungry and my mom the pillar of sympathy (#sarcasm) didn’t want to get me anything to eat.  I’m now trying to decide how to feed myself as there is nothing tooth pain friendly here.  I wish the prince was here to take care of me.

The numbness is starting to wear off, and I downed some Advil before it wore completely off.

Okay, I just ordered Chinese delivery.  I feel so yucky.  I took a job for tomorrow and I am really regretting it.  If I didn’t need the damn money, I would say fuck it.  Fucking unemployment is for the birds.  I’m so tired and my teeth hurt.

I’ve been trying to write this blog for hours since I got home (hours ago).  I think the pain and the anxiety and the trauma broke my brain for today.  I’m gonna rest and watch “Luke Cage”.

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