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I’ve been thinking a lot about adoption these days.  Like there are too many dogs and cats our there who need loving homes, I also think the same about children especially in third world countries which surround Japan aplenty.  While I have no negativity attached to adoption, and I would love an adopted child no less than I child I birthed myself, I am afraid my dear prince would have a huge problem with it.

You see in Japan there is (along with many other things foreigners would not deem unusual) a negative stigma attached to adoption.  Japanese people feel like they can take care of their own, so even in cases where a Japanese child is in foster care, the birth parents more often than not do not relinquish their parental rights.  You can read more about that here.  However, there is nothing weird about adopting adult males to inherit family fortunes or family businesses.  How’s that for backwards?

While I think if he did agree to adopt, Endymion would probably prefer a Japanese child, but the hurdles that come with such an adoption seem insurmountable to me.  Because I am obviously white and Endymion is obviously Japanese, I think in order to perpetuate the myth around Japan that the child was in fact ours, the child would have to look more Asian than blonde and blue eyed since Asian is a more dominant gene set.  Therefore, I think an Asian country would be a good place to potentially search for our future child.  Now, of course, all this is just presupposing as I’ve not even discussed anything like this with Endymion yet.  The first set of hurdles to jump over would be convincing the prince that adoption would be completely selfless of us and better in the long run than IUI or IVF.  For one I think that the chances are far greater that adoption would yield a child where as with IUI or IVF nothing is guaranteed, and I know that adoption is not a guarantee either.  However, it seems more fruitful in my opinion.

Last night I spent most of the night researching adoption and looking at kids who needed families.  It broke my heart time and time again to see their beautiful but sad faces.  Maybe I wasn’t meant to birth my children.  Maybe I was meant to help children already here who are in need of love and care (that sounds more like me in every aspect).  I just joined an adoption group in Japan on Facebook and I’ve armed myself with a whole slew of articles and things to prepare for talking to the prince when he arrives next week.

Wish me luck!  We’ll see if adoption comes up a winner soon!

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