Expletives aplenty…

I’m taking a break from being completely captivated by Netflix’s new show “The OA” to write this blog.  First of all it’s a fantastic show so far, so if you feel compelled please check it out.  Second I just received a a really disturbing e-mail and I have to write about it for fear I flip over every fucking table in sight.

Maybe you know I am actively searching for work in my new city.  So far I have interviewed with two companies.  One company I interviewed with three times.  That was time I spent commuting and talking to management and demonstrating my skills.  Now as an aside I have to say that I have over fourteen years experience in my field.  This makes me more qualified than many Japanese people in the same field.  It puts me miles ahead of any foreigner in the same field.  I just received an e-mail from the company I interviewed with three times.  Previously they had asked me for salary numbers as I would be creating a new program in addition to heading up this program and working within the program.  I shot high hoping they’d counter with the number I was expecting to get.  If only that had happened.  However, they countered with two numbers so frighteningly low that I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

I’ll put these numbers into US dollars so maybe you can follow it better.  Japan pays salaries monthly not bi-weekly as they do in America.

First the numbers I gave them for part time work building a new program and working within the program were $2464 on the low end and  $2634 on the high end.

As a basis for comparison I was making about $2039 on the low end and  $2200 on the high end doing a much easier job at my previous company.

The numbers they countered with were $1155 on the low end and $1648 on the high end.  Not only that but they arbitrarily decided to change the job to have me do the same thing I was doing at my last job only with a much lower salary.

I.  AM.  LIVID.  I can’t even e-mail the guy back because I am so angry if I type an e-mail it will be full of expletives.  Fucking bullshit.  I want to go back to my previous city and my previous company and go back to working with Motoki and I’d even work with Nemesis again if it meant that I was working in a company that valued my expertise and experience.  I can’t even tonight you guys.  I can’t even.

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