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New things, good things…

I’m so sick of American food.  My mom always wants to eat out, and while I love the convenience of it, I don’t love the calories that come with it.  Once I’m back in Japan, I can get back to walking, riding my bicycle, and general things that I consider normal there, which aren’t really normal everyday activities here.  I only hope the weather over there behaves, so I can do those things.  It wasn’t very cold when I left in October, but winter is usually quite cold there even though we get our sunniest days during that time.

Today I met a fellow Kindara member and we had a nice lunch out in the warm sunshine.  It’s really hard not to feel the weight that TTC puts on fellow TTC’ers.  I tried not to talk about too sad things but sometimes the sadness just seeped out.  She was very nice, and it was great to be able to talk so openly with someone.  As an added plus we both happened to be wearing Star Wars socks, so I think we were destined to be friends.

Today my sister was supposed to do my hair but since she currently hates me because of milk, she didn’t even bother to cancel our appointment or even tell my mom she wouldn’t need a babysitter.  That’s fine.  I’m not even really sad about it anymore.  If she wants to alienate the people who care most about her, she can go ahead and do that.  It’s not my problem once I leave.  (I do feel bad for my mom who still has to deal with her shit though.)  I did tell Mom she’s welcome in Japan anytime to help with her future grandbaby.  (Here’s hopin’!)

In other news, the suitcase situation is mostly sorted and the hotel situation is sorted.  They said it was, in fact, a double, so I’m, not sure why the email said twin bed.  Things are looking great for me getting out of here.  Except today my mom got really sad and started to cry saying she was gonna miss me.  I stayed around the house most of the evening and we went to Costco and had dinner together.  I’ll hang around tomorrow morning too.  The only thing left to do is go to the post office.

In other much much better news, I got my period!  Hey, I never thought I’d be excited to say that but after 132 days of WTF, you tend not to get your hopes up.  This cycle was only 36 days you guys!  THIRTY.  SIX.  DAYS.  That’s like a normal cycle.  Maybe things are going back to normal!  I can hope right?  Maybe it was a fluke!  Anyway, I feel like crap (physically) but feel pretty damn great (mentally).  This means that when I get back to Japan, we can start trying again while searching for an adoption agency and looking at doctors.  (I updated the Charts page with my new chart.)

I also updated the About page on this blog as it hadn’t been updated in quite some time.  In addition, I updated the Supplements page.  Mainly it’s now a resource for anyone interested in TTC supplements as I stopped taking everything even prenatals.  I only take cal/mag and fish oil now.  However, I bought two supplements for PCOS, chromium and NAC.  Chromium is supposed to help with blood sugar which I definitely need help with.  NAC can help regulate cycles which definitely wouldn’t hurt at this point.  Here’s some information about NAC.  We’ll see if these help at all, but more importantly we’ll see how they make me feel.

Also, I’ve got some new followers here and I’d like to say thank you and welcome to my little patch of crazy.  It’s just a little patch.  The rest of the garden is full of joy, hope, caring, kindness, friendship, and a big patch of love.  I hope you enjoy reading this blog, and more than that I hope there are some things you can relate to as I think we all seek to find those who are like us.

I think that’s all the news fit to print.  I’m feeling very hopeful about 2017.  I think last year was a big mess but this year will be full of great things.  I know it will!

Princess Serenity

2 thoughts on “New things, good things…

  1. I hope your sister will come around.

    Congrats on beginning a new cycle! I’m still waiting to find out what’s going with mine. I’m now at 36 days and counting :/

    Thanks for posting about the vitamins.

    It’s so exciting when people sign up. Here’s to a growing blog and wonderful 2017!


    1. Thanks. She won’t. She did something similar in March when I came after my grandma died. She’s an angry unhappy person and always has been. You’re welcome. I get all my vitamins (in Japan) from iherb.com. They have free shipping which I’m sure you know is a godsend since like nothing ships free to Japan. I hope your cycle figures itself out. I know it’s agonizing to not know what’s going on.

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