Japan · Life

Bored in Tokyo…

I’m currently laying around the hotel room bored silly.  Everyone is working, and I don’t see Motoki until later tonight. I can’t think of anything I particularly want to do right now. I’ve been to Tokyo so many times that I can’t really think of anything new I’d like to do. Plus, the whole purpose of this trip was to see friends. I’d like to watch TV but the wifi doesn’t work like it’s supposed to, and I don’t feel like going downstairs to ask them about it. What a lazy bugger. 

This morning I did some bank business. (I had to put money in my Japanese account so that they could take money out for my phone bill and internet.)

My teeth hurt a little, and I’m wondering if I should take Advil or just wait until I self medicate (read: drink a lot) later. Probably the latter.

Ugh hurry up and get here evening! But then I want the rest of the time to go slowly. I guess it’ll probably go slowly now and quickly later especially with the addition of alcohol. I could start drinking now but who likes drinking alone? (I’m sure there are people who like drinking alone. I’m not one of them.)

So yeah this is a pretty boring blog post. Maybe I’ll have some exciting stories for you later. Here’s hopin’.  

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