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Jet lag…

It’s a real bitch. It’s a little after 3AM.  I passed out sometime before 7PM last night. Then, I woke up at 10PM. Luckily I was able to go back to sleep until I sprung up again at 2AM. Now I’m staring at this screen wondering if I have anything important to say. Not really.

Yesterday, I saw Makoto. She had lots of hugs for me, and she filled me in on Nemesis who I told you is leaving soon (at the end of the fiscal year). She says that despite moving to my “much warmer” desk, Nemesis isn’t in the office very much, and she often hides out in other areas of the building doing her work there.  Makoto thinks that Nemesis is afraid of Motoki because he doesn’t like her. Of course he doesn’t like her because she sucks, but since he’s in charge of her division, he has to remain professional which I know he always has. Makoto also says Nemesis is in a big hurry to start her family because her soon to be father-in-law is ill. I actually laughed out loud at that because I know firsthand how it’s not so easy to have a baby. However, knowing my luck, Nemesis will probably get PG very easily, probably the first time she tries.  If I’m being completely honest though I don’t think she’s a well woman, and having a child might wreak havoc on her body.  But that’s none of my business. Never a dull moment where old colleagues are concerned. 

Later this evening I’m going to see Motoki. I’m over the moon because I got him the best おみやげ (souvenir) from America. He’s going to be so happy! Makoto said I should go visit the office and while it would be nice to see my old boss, Makoto and Motoki once more, I told her I have no desire to see Nemesis. Of course, she would be so nice to me like we were the best of friends when we worked together and she didn’t make my life miserable constantly turning off the AC during Japanese summer. I told Makoto I would think it over and decide later.

Meanwhile, in my home city, the prince is sick again. He was supposed to go to a drinking party (super common in Japan especially before and after New Year’s) but he decided to go home instead. That was the smartest thing he could do. I hope he feels better before the week ends as he’s supposed to come to Tokyo for work, and stay with me in this tiny hotel. This weekend we have plans to go to Disney (haven’t decided Land or Sea yet), but he’s sick and the weather report is teetering between cloudy and sunny.  When I got to Japan it said it was supposed to snow on Saturday. I’m glad that left the forecast. I hope the weather behaves and his sickness goes away. 

This ended up being a long post for having nothing to say. I’m going to try to go back to sleep. Wish me luck.

Princess (found) Serenity (in Japan)

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