By the numbers…

Happy anniversary!  Today marks one year (officially) TTC (as opposed to the previous unofficial anniversary).  On this day one year ago I was checking CM regularly and I started temping.  So let’s look at things by the numbers shall we!

1 year TTC

2 miscarriages (one with my husband and one when I was 21)

3 books read about TTC

10 charts

11 regular characters in this blog

20 supplements sampled (at various times throughout TTC)

23 days (shortest cycle)

28 terms to help you better understand WTF I am talking about

61 followers (Thank you from the bottom of my heart!)

64 countries represented by visitors to my blog


132 days (longest cycle)

152 blog posts

258 views in one day!


2562 blog visitors

10428 blog views

I am really floored by some of these numbers.  I never thought a blog that I started to help me cope with the heavy emotions TTC throws on you would amass any interest whatsoever.  To my followers new and old I want to say thank you again and again.  To know you’re not alone in a struggle (be it one of mental health or one of TTC) gives a great feeling of fellowship.

I’ve been thinking of this blog and what has happened to it over the past year.  I started writing this blog to cope with the powerful emotions TTC thrusts upon a person.  However, this blog began to evolve.  It became a place to talk about not only TTC but also about how TTC affects a marriage.  It became a place to talk about work and life in Japan.  It became a safe place to talk about my mental health.  After that it became a place to express my sadness over leaving the only place in Japan I knew to be home.  It became a place to mourn over the agony separation creates.  It became a place cry when I received an infertility diagnosis.  It became a place to rejoice in being reunited with those I love and care so deeply about.

So I’m wondering should I change the title of this blog (and then the About section a little bit) or should I keep it as is?  I’m kind of on the fence, so I’d appreciate your opinion if you have one.  Thank you again for reading and for your comments and likes.  I’m glad to know I’m not alone out there.

Princess Serenity (caused by blogging)

2 thoughts on “By the numbers…

  1. Congrats on those great stats! I’m not sure about the name change, but if you did maybe you could use something with the Sailor Moon theme since you use it in the terms?

    Sailor Pink?

    I don’t know if that would be any good. Naming stuff is hard. :/

    Liked by 1 person

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