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Cue anxiety…

Hi!  I’m about to have an anxiety attack!  I thought I’d try to get it out here first and maybe the pressure will subside and I’ll be able to breathe easy again.

First the job search is starting to get overwhelming.  Two interviews just came in and it’s clear at this point I have no problem getting interviews due to my ridiculously overqualified resume.  (Getting a job on the other hand…)

Let’s break down this shit, shall we?

Company SJ: 3 interviews, PT position, low balled me the salary, will not take a job with them, 1 hour from my house

Company CS: 1 Skype interview, lady interviewing me seemed HIGHLY uninterested in me, have only heard from her once since the interview, many unknowns

Company IV: 1 interview, 3 positions available, 2 FT, 1 PT, Incredibly low salary, distance unsure, will not contact them again about jobs available

Company AB: 1 interview, FT position, This company was almost exactly like my first company which is a huge red flag since I ended up hating that place, around 30 minutes from my house, unsure of salary, very little vacation time

Company OY: 1 interview, offered temp work at the moment, only the possibility of a future FT position, so far the one I like best based on appearances, 40 minutes from my house, decent salary

Company RU: 1 upcoming interview, FT job consists of work on Saturdays (ew), very very far from my house (1.5 hour commute one way) but seems like a good place to work, high salary

Company K: 1 upcoming interview, PT position, job with the most schedule flexibility, perhaps a bit overqualified but seems like an incredibly easy low stress, not a lot of working hours, salary on the low end, possibility to keep temp jobs to supplement income, 45 minute commute

Company IS: 1 upcoming interview, temp position, 2 or 3 days, basically a pocket money job for the interim

So this is where I’m at currently.  I’m basically having anxiety over companies RU, K, and OY.  I’m thinking way too far ahead and entirely in “what ifs”.

What if I’m offered a job at all three companies?  What job should I take?  What determines whether I should take a job there?  Salary?  Feel for the place?  Commute?  Work load?  What if I choose wrong?  What if I end up hating the place?  What if none of these companies offer me a job?

Why must anxiety do this to me?  I need Naru here to sit down with me a pro/con this shit.  Naru, are you listening?  Of course, all this is premature as I’ve not even been offered one single job yet.  Sigh.  Stop it anxiety.  Shut up.  No one cares what you think.

4 thoughts on “Cue anxiety…

  1. I would love to have the magic answer and make your anxiety go away, though I know from experience that it doesn’t work that way…
    It’s easy to say for someone looking on from the outside, but I would agree with thirtybythirty: wait and see.
    For me personally (after past experiences) would value personal vibe over salary (if the salary is enough to not make you worry every day about money).
    Wish you all the best for finding the answer!

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  2. Here to save the day…. or at least what’s left of your sanity. Hope this posts if the same format I write it in:
    Let’s look at the three jobs you are considering.

    FT w/ Sat
    1.5 hours commute
    High Salary
    Seems okay
    Less money stress but long commute. Need hobby to take up time on train or will go crazy. Lots of phone data for netflix

    Temp w/ FT?
    40 min commute
    Middle Salary
    Comfortable Vibe
    Salary is okay and not to much stress with $.
    Commute is not to long.
    Does temp continue into next year or new stress with job search the next year.

    45 minute commute
    Low Salary
    Low Stress @ work
    Low salary means more stress with money. Low stress and easy work means possibility to work side jobs

    All I can really tell you is to wait and see what you get offered and compare past stresses to your situation. Is it more overwhelming to have lots of work or more overwhelming to have a shortfall of money at the end of the month?

    I would likely rank them OY, K (with supplemental work), RU (that is a long commute). If you think it would be hard to get supplemental work then maybe put RU before K.

    Digest the info and put together your own pros and cons, we’ll talk about it on the weekend. Hopefully you’ll have some offers by then.

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