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Tina moan…

Today I rode up to the supermarket and decided to stop for a Starbucks beforehand.  The bicycle ride, the latte, and the grocery shopping was a nice reprieve from the crap heap that is my life.  You know that life that applies for job after job, goes to interview after to interview, refreshes the mailbox until the phone battery is dead, cries on the train.  While I was out and about I did little thinking about getting a job.  However, as soon as I got back home, (after making some soup and giving Small Lady a bath) I went right back at it.  Refresh.  Refresh.  Refresh.  Search.  Search.  Search.  There were no new job postings today that matched my interest and experience, so I didn’t apply for anything.  I applied for two jobs last night.  More temporary work.  I can’t seem to find the job that I think is perfect in every way or at least semi-perfect.

I decided to go to another Meetup this week (a yoga one), and I emailed the organizer before to see if tattoos are allowed.  She said it was no problem, so I RSVP’d.  I like yoga a lot but I haven’t done it in a long time.  I need to get motivated to get back into it.  I also rejoined a conversation website.  It’s a good way to meet Japanese people.

In other news, the teacher I had booked for a trial lesson for Japanese cancelled the lesson on me saying our schedules are not compatible.  Fuck you.  All I said was “I can’t do a lesson this week.  How about next week?”  Note: She was only available on Monday.  Fucking bitch.  I’m so angry about this.  After that I wrote a paragraph updating my profile explaining that I’m unemployed and job searching so be fucking patient with me.  (Minus “fucking” of course.)  The only other person who responded to my ad is an old dude.  I want a female teacher, and one is is not 100.  It’s just another blow.  I was excited to have a lesson with this lady, and I felt like I was taking strides to normalize my life here.  Now back to nothing.  No Japanese lessons and each day I’m here I feel like I understand less and less what they are talking about.  I’m so envious of people who can learn languages easily as it’s been a struggle for me.

Nothing really new is happening.  It was just a regular day in the life of a housewife.  I don’t want to be a housewife.  I feel like it’s a waste of all my education and lifelong attention to my career.  Plus I hate doing dishes and cleaning anything that isn’t laundry.  I’m a terrible housewife.

Hope for some good news for me in the immediate future.

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One thought on “Tina moan…

  1. Languages are tough for me to learn as well. Japanese is brutal. I know English is though, but at least we have a phonetical alphabet. You don’t need to memorize over a thousand characters to read a newspaper.

    I can’t believe that lady cancelled like that. Very unprofessional.

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