Japan · Life

Busy, busy…

What’s this you say?  A rather thin SASE has arrived in my mailbox.  Let’s open it!


Aw damn it’s a rejection letter from Company RU.  Ask me if I’m bummed.  “Hey Usagi, are you bummed?”  Not in the slightest.  I am a little miffed at the bullshit UNTRUE line that says “due to the high qualifications and experience of the other applicants”.  I know this to be bullshit.  I am literally one of the most qualified and experienced people in my field in Japan.  Artemis says it’s your “general fuck u no thanks letter”.  He also said he’s noticed that this company advertises a lot and feels they must have a high turnover rate.  Fine with me.  They offered a nice salary, but no fucking way was I working on Saturday, and I didn’t want to commute for 1 hour and 30 minutes 6 days a week.  It ended up a blessing thank the PTB!

In other news I had a rather interesting day.  I had an informal business meeting with someone who wanted to hire me for the foreseeable future (not full time work just weekly freelance).  He’s self-employed, so I guess technically he was not on clock during this time.  Our meeting lasted 2 hours and in those two hours he drank 3 beers.  No, I’m not kidding.  He offered me a drink but I was like “Dude, I’m working.”  He’s like “No, it’s cool.”  I declined again and drank water after finishing my latte.  This was the first time this has ever happened, and even though it was an informal meeting, it was still shocking (but I still couldn’t help but sigh “Oh Japan”).  I don’t know what to call this guy yet, but I’m sure I’ll have to call him something as I expect more stories about him.  He’s unusual and intriguing and a tinge of a New Zealand accent comes out in his English.  I love love love when Japanese people have British, Australian or other accents like that.  It’s unexpected and always adorable.  It’s usually girls who have this though as he’s the first dude I met with any sort of accent.  Strange day.

I’m still in a good way.  It’s nice to be busy.  It leaves little time to be depressed as I’m constantly moving on to the next task, job, or project.  Things are okay right now.  They are not perfect, but I’m fine with that.  I know things will get better.  We’ll get there.

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