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It’s 11PM.  Mamoru isn’t home yet.  I’m annoyed.  He’s out drinking.  I’m not annoyed that he’s out drinking.  It’s Friday night.  A lot of people are (especially Japanese salarymen).  I’m annoyed that he didn’t tell me this, and I had to keep texting him about coming home.  What the fuck is the big deal?  Just tell me what you’re doing ahead of time, and it’s fine.  Don’t make me beat it out of you (figuratively) like it’s some fucking secret.  I don’t have the energy to fight with him tonight, so I’ll probably just go to bed before he gets home.

In other news, I am trying to figure out if I actually NEED a job or if I can survive on freelance and on-call work.  I need your math brain Naru!  This week I had two on-call jobs and five freelance jobs.  The beer guy I freelanced for yesterday wanted me back again today.  I’m going to call this guy Demande (not because he’s the leader of any evil inverted ebony moon clan but just because male names are hard to come by in Sailor Moon).  Today’s meeting was equally informal.  However, he only had one beer and a glass of sparkling wine.  At one point during the meeting, I mentioned I liked to cook, and he asked for whom and I said, “My husband, and my friends like dinner parties.  Just not right now because I don’t have any friends.”  And I shit you not, he looked at me all doe eyed and said, “Will you be my friend?”  It was incredibly childlike and adorable.  After he offered me a ride in his car which I politely declined since I was just walking up the street to Uniqlo.

That’s all.  I’m tired AF.  I’m going to do some figuring of my own which will no doubt put me to sleep.  Good night!

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