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Planning, Meetup, and Valentine’s Day…

I’m currently sitting under the heater while Mamoru agonizes over a trip to take.  He’s been figuring for the last three hours and hasn’t made a decision yet.  I told him “Look dude, I don’t have a job, I can’t literally go whenever and wherever” (freelance work aside).  He just asked me about my availability on yet another day.  Sigh.

In other news I canceled a job interview I had on Monday.  It was for a full time job, and it was over an hour away.  That’s not a terribly long commute but I decided to only search for part time jobs at the moment since I’m getting enough freelance and on-call work.  The freelance work I can’t put on my resume, but I can add the on-call work if need be (provided I work more than two days there).

What is the deal with Meetups here?  They are all language exchange, and I don’t want to go to a language exchange Meetup.  But let me tell you why.  During a language Meetup the pressure is on to speak in a foreign language (for others that may be English, for me it’s Japanese).  I feel like this takes a lot of the fun out of the event, and it’s not a very relaxing atmosphere (especially for someone with anxiety).  In my opinion, this is not a good way to meet people.  I want food Meetups, drink Meetups (not singles ones obviously), just hang out and chill Meetups.  Where are those?  I don’t think I’m being too particular.  How the crap am I supposed to meet people?

In other unrelated news, I am horny as hell, and the CM down there looks super fertile so shit.  I can’t do anything about this with Mamoru since we’re not trying at the moment.  I must wait until Monday, and then I can take care of myself in the morning.  Then I’m meeting a friend for lunch and then I have to meet with Demande.  And then I have to go home and make Valentine’s chocolates for Mamoru.  I’ll be happy when this stupid holiday is over.  I’m supposed to get him a present (no outdoing tickets to Dinseyland last year), but he has expensive tastes and I wouldn’t even know where to start on my limited budget.  I’m hoping the homemade chocolate bars, homemade donuts, a small silly gift, and heartfelt card will be enough.  Sigh.  Stupid Hallmark holidays.

6 thoughts on “Planning, Meetup, and Valentine’s Day…

  1. Sorry the meetups are no good. Luckily for me there is a drinks meetup in my area, so I’ve been to that a couple of times. Not that it resulted in any friendships, but I tried.

    I will probably just make a nice meal for Valentine’s Day and leave it at that. Luckily it’s only become a big deal in Germany over the last 4-5 years and my boyfriend (who is German) couldn’t care less. It was our anniversary of when we got together a little over a week ago so we celebrated that instead 🙂


    1. I was so successful with Meetups in my old city. Most of my friends came from there. I’m just bummed that it’s not been working out that way here.

      It sounds like a nice relaxing Valentine’s. I’m spending mine working and going to a job interview, so definitely not the most romantic Valentine’s Day ever. Plus, my husband won’t be home until late so yeah…


  2. I just replied to your last post when this popped up.

    I was surprised about the meet ups in your area. Only language exchanges? That stinks. Mine has a knitting circle one that I keep telling myself to go to and tons of drinking and hiking ones. (Not drinking and hiking together 😉


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