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Valentine’s Day…

Well, Happy Valentine’s Day.  I hope you had (or will have) a lovely day with someone you love.

My Valentine’s Day was not spent with Mamoru because he was working since it’s a weekday.  However, this morning I did my mandatory wifely Valentine’s duties of making chocolate for my sweetheart.  I made a million mini chocolate donuts and dark chocolate strawberry coconut drops.  They’re currently sitting on the table as Mamoru said he’d be home at 9PM and now it’s 9:30PM.  This is life.  This is my life.

I spent my Valentine’s Day at the shortest job interview ever (around 30 minutes).  I couldn’t even tell you how it went.  I couldn’t read them at all.  Then I went home took those awful clothes off.  (I could never work for a company that made me wear a suit every day.)  I waited around the house for Demande to finish up his client meeting and then I went to meet him.  While working we played a game of “what if” and took turns asking each other questions like “What would you do if you had 10,000,000円?” (Roughly $100,000).  It was quite fun and an interesting way to pass the time.  After he offered to take me back to my station in his car.  Since he’d had nothing to drink tonight, I accepted.  Holy shit his car is sexy!  I felt like the coolest person in town even though it was fake cool since it wasn’t my car.  I’ve never had any friends in Japan with a car.  Even Mamoru doesn’t have a car.  (He has a company car but he’s not allowed to use it for personal use which means I never get to ride in it.  One time I asked him to take me home in it, and he looked at me like I had asked for a kidney.)  Before I got out of the car, Demande wanted to shake my hand which was odd and not very Japanese of him, but I obliged and thanked him many times for taking me back to my side of town.

That was my Valentine’s Day.  Uneventful.  And the sexiest thing about is was a sporty BMW.

7 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day…

  1. I read a fact thing that in japan it is traditional for women to give feb 14th and men to give march 14th
    Maybe you could give your partner a shove in the direction of march 14th? X


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