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The weekend…

Tonight I’m not drinking.  I wish I was.  I have all kinds of pains and I’m utterly exhausted.

Yesterday, Mamoru took me around town to sort of celebrate 4 years as a couple (not wedding anniversary).  One of the places we went was this wholesale shopping center which he thought I’d fancy, but it turned out to be chock full of old lady clothing stores, fancy ball gown stores, and tacky furniture and knick knack shops.  The faces I must have made while we were there.  It turned out to be a total bust, and I felt about 45 years too young to be there.  We scrapped that idea after less than an hour wandering around disappointed and decided to go to a tall building for a view of the city.  It was nice and gorgeous, but we didn’t realize that once we left, we couldn’t get back in and we wanted to visit the cafe.  Mamoru argued with the manager, so she let us back in.  After that he took me to a nice (and quite fancy) French restaurant.  I was apprehensive about eating there since it wasn’t a vegetarian restaurant, but Mamoru assured me it would be okay as he called ahead.  When we got there, the waiter seemed to know nothing of that, and he suggested I eat a salad and side dishes.  He also suggested I eat a pasta with tomato sauce which I verbally scoffed at.  Sensing my frustration and my building hunger, the waiter disappeared and the chef came out to talk to me.  See Japan isn’t big on vegetarian food.  They also almost never substitute things on the menu.  Sometimes they will leave meat off a dish, but my friends have experienced cases where that doesn’t happen even after they’ve asked for it.  Japan has no sense of what vegetarians eat or how to prepare food for them.  Therefore, if we eat out it’s at a vegetarian restaurant, Indian restaurant, or a place we know will be accommodating.  Since this is a new city for both of us, we haven’t quite got a sense of where to eat just yet.  When the chef came to our table, I was floored by his complete and utter willingness to make me anything I wanted.  (He literally said that to me.)  Guys I almost cried.  This is such a thing that’s easily taken for granted in America, but as someone who doesn’t eat meat in Japan, sadly I’ve gotten used to disappointment.  It started out a little rocky but in the end, the meal was so delicious and Mr. Wonderful Chef even came to speak to us before we left the restaurant.

Today my friend came to visit from a town a few hours away.  She stayed with her friend here yesterday and since he had to work today, she came to spend the day with me.  She wanted to meet Mamoru, so I brought him along.  Her Japanese is adorable and since she’s from a different part of Japan, she has a different dialect.  Adorable.  We pigged out on Mexican food for lunch and then I sent Mamoru home so my friend and I could take プリクラ (not really and American equivalent but basically photo booths which make you look fabulous and you can decorate the pictures with stickers and stuff, super cute).  Her friend joined us, and we trudged around trying to find a place with プリクラ machines and finally found one (in the 3rd arcade we tried).  This man was painfully and obviously in love with her, and even though they dated before, she’s not interested in getting back together with him.  She claims he has no backbone.  I told her I think most Japanese guys aren’t super assertive (mostly wanting to avoid confrontation), but she disagrees stating that other Japanese guys she’s dated have been much more assertive.  My pool is pretty small.  Mamoru definitely avoids confrontation, so does Motoki (but he’s a small step up from Mamoru).  Perhaps Demande is the most assertive Japanese guy I know, but I don’t know him very well, so it’s based on a limited set of experiences.

When I got home, Mamoru and I had an argument about laundry.  I swear marriage can be so fucking ridiculous sometimes.  Who the fuck fights about laundry?  To be honest though the fight wasn’t really about laundry.  It was about communication…again.  Just why can’t you fucking communicate with me?  Ugh!  It’s not so difficult!  Basically, I wanted to wash some clothes but he took it upon himself to do the wash (which I told him not to do because I’d do it later).  He thought he was being helpful, but it just ended up annoying me since he didn’t listen to me earlier when I said I’d do it.  It’s a really stupid thing but so irritating.  Dude, if you want to live a peaceful life with me then you need to talk to me about all the boring and めんどくさい (his words) things about this household.  Also, I thought he came home to do work, but he came home to nap and then procrastinate his work for hours by cleaning and doing laundry.

So yeah, now we’re in separate rooms avoiding each other even though we mostly resolved the argument.  There will be no sex tonight, and I’m actually relived about because I’m super fertile right now (lots of eggwhite CM).  We still haven’t figured out how to happily coexist in this new place, so I still think this is not a good time for a baby.

I guess for the most part it was a good weekend.  It just kind of ended on a sour note.  I’m feeling so exhausted by all the activity, so I’m looking forward to spending the rest of the evening being lazy AF.  I hope you had a good weekend.


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