Mental Health


This is a short one.

Today I met with Demande for our usual (3 times a week) meeting.  After the meeting we spent some time just talking and drinking.

He said something that just floored me.  He said, “I think you have a peaceful heart, but [I don’t know if this is the right English] your brain…it’s like…noisy.”

I’ve never heard anyone describe me so succinctly yet so accurately.  I was beyond shocked.  The only thing I could say was, “Yeah, noisy.  That describes me perfectly.”

I think that’s how I’d like to describe my brain from now on.  My brain is noisy when I only want it to be quiet.  This is why I have distractors like copious amounts of TV and noise canceling headphones.

Yes, I have anxiety.  Yes, I have depression.  Yes, my brain is noisy.


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