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Friday and Saturday…

Yesterday Demande did my zodiac Japanese style which was super cool.  I know a lot about my zodiac sign, and the characteristics that are used to describe me are pretty spot on, but I’ve never had anyone tell me about how it is in Japan.  It’s a little different.  He said that according to how the Japanese read my sign, in my work life I’m very logical and thoughtful.  I spend a lot of time thinking which is true.  In my personal life when I’m relaxed, I’m not very logical, instead I’m quite emotional.  I think both of these descriptors were pretty spot on.  I was pretty impressed with his interest in this.  He said it helps him in business as does his interest in psychology.  This guy continues to surprise me.  I never could have judged how multi-faceted this guy would end up being.

Today, Mamoru and I drove to a nearby city and toured a Coca-Cola factory.  Then we had a delicious vegan lunch.  He wanted to go to Costco after all that but decided he was too tired.  Last night he didn’t sleep in our bed.  (That’s two nights in a row.)  Tonight we tried to watch a movie but he passed out, so he probably won’t want to sleep in the bed tonight.  I think Mamoru’s life is filled with unfinished films.  I let him sleep while I did the laundry and watched TV.

That’s all really.  Nothing too exciting to report.

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