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Wednesday and early Thursday in Tokyo…

I’m sitting in a Doutor in Yoyogi waiting for Ami to get off work so we can eat lunch at one of my favorite places in Tokyo.  Last two nights she didn’t have time to meet me to give me a key to her place, so I stayed in a dingy business hotel.  The girls next door decided to talk and laugh until after 3AM, so I slept horribly.  Because they were so awful, starting at 9AM I decided to play a hip hop, rap, pop, and dance compilation on full volume right next to the wall.  (Not very mature but it sure did make me feel better.)  Thank goodness make-up exists.

Last night was just perfect.  I met Motoki in Ikebukuro, and he was all smiles.  It’s hard to believe this man has severe depression.  He’s always smiling when I see him (though these days those times are few and far between).  He wanted to go to this hole in the wall bar where he had fond memories of spending his college days, but the place was full for a party, so we ventured over to this place called えん which was on the 7th floor and overlooked a Japanese style roof garden and Ikebukuo.  It was a beautiful view.  But the food!  Everything was beautifully and artfully presented!  Look at this:


What do you think that is?  Meat?  It looks like meat doesn’t it?  It’s dried persimmon with cream cheese.  It was heavenly.  Motoki ate strictly vegetarian food with me and even commented that it’s not so hard to eat only vegetarian.  Better than the food though was the company.  Motoki and I talked about everything under the sun and it seemed just like old times.  I miss him terribly.  I miss talking to him almost every day.  I’m sad to think that this might be my last trip to Tokyo for a while as I’m starting an actual job next month.

Before I went to bed, I messaged Mamoru to say my good nights and all that jazz, but I suppose he had fallen asleep (likely on the sofa).  He didn’t message me back.  Because I was up from 2AM to after 3AM, I noticed that a message came in from Demande.  I don’t think he sleeps normal hours because he’s up checking the foreign exchange markets.  I can’t be sure, but I think he makes a lot of money there.  Good for him I guess.  Perhaps that’s how he affords such a sexy car as well as the tri-weekly freelance work I do for him.

Ami just messaged me saying that she’s done with work, so I’ve got to head out again.  I’ve downed some Advil, and I’m ready to take on Tokyo.  Today’s a busy day but tomorrow is full of nothing, so I’m going to try to get some shopping done then.  I definitely need to hit up the fabric district, and this gigantic import store as well as get a present for Mamoru.  Happy days!

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