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Well shit…

Today I had no plans, so I decided to do a little shopping.  I ate lunch in Ikebukuro, bought a Dragonite plush for Mamoru at the Pokémon Center, and got a nice present for Ami to say thank you for letting me stay with her.

After that I lucked out at Tomato in Nippori and scored some really cute fabrics.  I’ve got projects to keep me busy for a while.

Then I headed to Azabu-Juban to go to this really big import store there called Nissin.  I bought some Frank’s Hot Sauce and some things for dinner and breakfast.

It was just kind of a low key day.  I got back to Ami’s about 6PM, got cleaned up and decided to watch “Homeland” while eating dinner and drinking chu-hi.  I ate a salad, some chips, carrots with hummus, and finally cheese.  While I was eating the cheese, one of my crowns came off.  FML.  At the moment I’m not in any pain, but that might be due to the alcohol.  I’ve never ever had dental work done in Japan, and I’m terrified of evil dentists as I was traumatized by the dentist I had after my childhood dentist.  He was so awful.  I managed to find a really fantastic dentist in The States and he does my work when I travel back home around the holidays.  Right now I have 4 crowns.  I just had two put on in November.  The one that fell off was one of my older crowns.  It might have happened because I’ve been favoring that side since I got my new crowns put on.  I have no idea what I’m going to do now.  I guess I’ll eat mush for a while, drink a lot, and take care of it (hopefully) early next week.  I’m sure it could have been worse.  I could have swallowed the thing.  (Thankfully, I didn’t.  Cheese saved me.)  I’ve managed to find an English speaking dentist in my new city (as opposed to here in Tokyo) as it happened about 7:45PM and offices were closed for the weekend.  (Not like I was gonna spend my trip at the dentist even though the thought crossed my mind.)  Fortunately, Dr. Google says a lost crown isn’t an emergency (just painful), but you should get it fixed within a week.  This is not how I wanted to wrap up my trip to Tokyo.  I couldn’t count how many times I said the word “fuck” when it happened.

In other news I’ve gotten two new e-mails for freelance work.  With Demande and the four other clients I have at the moment (plus starting a new job next month), I don’t think I have time to take on any new clients.  Work for Demande eats up a lot of my time, but I’m not complaining.  He’s definitely the most interesting person I work for at the moment.

I’m still drinking.  Luckily tomorrow will be filled with drinking, and I can pad the Shinkansen ride back home with drinking too.  Even though I shouldn’t I’m sure Demande wouldn’t mind me drinking while working on Monday.  He usually has a drink, and he always tries to get me to drink while doing work.  I always tell him “after”.  I guess we’ll see how badly the tooth is fucking with me then and when I can get an appointment to see a dentist.  It’s not very professional, but it’s an extenuating circumstance (and he likes to refer to our work time as “relaxed”).

I hope your March is going better than mine is.  And it was off to such a good start.  Sigh.

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