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Monday, Monday…

It’s Monday so that means Mamoru is working late.  Usually Monday is his latest day of the week.  The not sleeping in the bed cycle broke Saturday night, but it was my fault.  I went to bed, but then around midnight I had to pee.  Mamoru must have heard me and woke up (from the sofa), took a shower and came to bed.  On Sunday he came of his own volition.  It’s like he’s a different person on weekends.  Strange, this life.

During our last meeting (Thursday, was it?), Demande had asked me for some TV recommendations.  Well, he came to the right place because I watch an obscene amount of TV.  I told him he should watch “Santa Clarita Diet” and “Girls” because he was looking for something short and humorous.  Last night after midnight, he messaged me saying he’d finished all of “Santa Clarita Diet” and he really enjoyed it.  (Of course, I don’t watch crap shows.)

Today I met up with a friend and her friend who had traveled to Japan from America.  They have been on a bit of a grand tour and my city was fortunately on the list.  We walked around the most touristy area, did プリクラ, fried our own lunch on skewers.  (I felt somewhat guilty for eating that so I didn’t eat much even though it was all you can eat.)  I have no idea how I can possibly eat out ever while I’m doing low carb.  There are fucking tons of carbs in everything at restaurants.  Japan isn’t the place where I can just order a salad unless I want one leaf of lettuce and a bowl of cabbage (which I don’t).  After that we walked around, stumbled into a Cafe Gusto and drank ¥99 umeshus which made me feel like I have been paying too much for umeshu my whole life in Japan.  Then I longingly watched my friend chow down on two donuts before I headed back home.

While I was out and about Demande messaged me saying he really liked “American Horror Story” which was not something I recommended to him but something I watch.  Funny because that message came about 1PM and does he even sleep?  He said he had lots of naps yesterday.  I miss naps.  The theme must have been “nap” because while I was trying to watch TV tonight, I passed out.  I’m about to go back down again since I didn’t sleep well last night and was awake at 3AM for a short time before passing out again.

Hope you had (have) a nice Monday!

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