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White Day…

It’s White Day in Japan.  This is the bullshit reciprocal holiday of Valentine’s Day.  As I’m sure I’ve explained before, on Valentine’s Day a girl makes some chocolate and gives her sweetheart a present.  Said sweetheart has a month to think of something to get her that’s 2 to 3 times the value of the present she got him.  (So take note girls!  The better your present for him is, the better your present will be a month later!)  Sarcasm and jokes aside, my White Day has started off disappointing at best.  There was no card or anything special for me on the table when I woke up (and I didn’t expect to follow a trail of rose petals to the most elaborate spread in the world but I did want to see something even a small something).  In fact, I haven’t even heard from Mamoru this morning.  I sent him a message wishing myself a Happy White Day in case he forgot he had a wife.  So far no response.

I’m celebrating White Day by myself (like I did my birthday and Valentine’s Day if you don’t count the time I was working with Demande).  First, my present to myself arrived:


I know he’s an anime character and also an angel but my goodness he’s so skinny!  Makes me feel like I should ride my bike around all day.

Then I ate a delicious low carb breakfast which I made myself (and I’m not kidding it was delicious as fuck).


These are egg “muffins” chock full of delicious veggies and my homemade guacamole (which surprisingly came together despite 1.5/3 disappointing avocados).

Today I’m planning some self love and whatever else I feel like doing.  I really wish Demande had some work for me today because the bank account is looking a bit sad.  He’s headed to Thailand today though for work so no money from him this week.  It really sucks for sure without the freelance work he has me do.  I put the money from one of my other clients in the bank on Friday, but then I took most of it back out yesterday.  I’m grounding myself for the rest of the week.  On Thursday and Friday I have more freelance work which should help put money back in the bank because my phone and internet bill will come out this week, and then I need to refill the train card.  Sigh.  I can’t wait to start at Company H so I can have a steady salary to rely on.

I’m also looking forward to spending my White Day doing dishes.  Oh wait, no, no I’m not.  I really should stop bitching because Mamoru is taking a half day tomorrow, and we’re doing something.  I don’t know what.  I prefer not to know what.  He never surprises me with anything so I’m attempting to be as aloof as possible in order to be somewhat surprised tomorrow.

Happy White Day to my girls in Asia!

4 thoughts on “White Day…

  1. Those muffins look delicious!

    I hope you enjoy your day even if your husband ignores it. For our anniversary my boyfriend only got my chocolates at the last minute when he realised I had got him something and felt guilty 😉


  2. Those muffins look so yummy.

    I’m also getting nothing for white day, but then again my husband has an excuse. He was awful sick with a stomach bug and somehow dragged himself to work today.

    But yeah, white day is BS. The men almost never remember to repay the favor. :/


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