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Happy Friday!

Happy Friday from (still too cold) Japan!  Today I have been quite productive already (and it’s not even noon).  I’ve put the laundry in the dryer, eaten breakfast and had coffee (only half of it because too many carbs), walked and fed Small Lady, and taken my vitamins.  I’ve still got to clean up the kitchen and myself, but before that I’ve got to print out some documents for my client meeting later this evening.  I’ve only got one meeting tonight, and then I’m going to yoga, and I hope it doesn’t kick my ass like last time.  Busy day around the house and a busy evening out and about.

Good news my dear cheerleaders, I’ve lost 1kg!  This may not sound tremendous to you but it’s a HUGE thing for me (especially since I’ve been trying to lose weight for almost two years now 😩).  Low-carb is where it’s at kids.  It’s science and I love science!  Basically, if your body doesn’t have carbohydrates to burn, it will burn fat instead.  The best part is when I was trying to lose weight pre low-carb, I was always hungry.  Now, I’m getting more protein in my diet so I’m not always hungry like I was before.  This website has been incredibly helpful for me.  (There’s not just stuff for vegetarians on there.  There is all sorts of useful information if you’re interested.)  I’m also making better choices.  Last night instead of taking the train to my client meeting, I rode my bicycle.  It was a bit of an adventure taking a couple wrong turns, but it should be easier to do once I get my route mapped down.

Also, I have to say that all this has been incredibly beneficial for my mental health.  (I’m definitely not recommending this for everyone, but it’s working for me.)  Remember my depression is mostly manageable and my anxiety is generally triggered.  Because I’m very busy focusing all my energies on maintaining a low-carb lifestyle, I don’t have time to agonize all the time about my sucky life.  It’s given me something positive to focus on, and I have goals that I intend to reach.

Anyway, all good news over here.  I’ve got to finish up around the house and get ready for tonight.  Thanks for reading and thanks for the likes and cheers via comments.  You kids really are the best!

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