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Your daily dose of WTF…

I’m lying in bed nursing a hangover.  I feel like epic shit.  Basically, I’m not 21 any more.  I’m old as fuck and really should not have had 4 shots of tequila last night.

Last night Mamoru got unnecessarily angry at me.  Yesterday, he had to work (normally he doesn’t work on Saturdays but March is the end of the fiscal year in Japan so everyone is super busy).  I had told him that because he was working I’d schedule a meeting with Demande.  I normally wouldn’t work on Saturday either but it’s better for me to go out and make money than it would be to sit at home and watch TV.  So last weekend, I sat down with Mamoru and told him my schedule for last week.  I told him on Monday I’d be meeting a friend who came to visit from America.  (He forgot about that and got annoyed when I didn’t text him back immediately.)  Aside from my regular Thursday meetings and my Friday meeting (and later yoga which I told him about and he also forgot about), the rest of the week was uneventful.  Which brings us to yesterday and my meeting with Demande.  When Mamoru got home last night, I wasn’t there.  Because I had already told him what I was doing, I didn’t feel like I should have to remind of my schedule every 5 fucking seconds.  He sent me messages which got progressively angrier since I didn’t respond immediately.  I responded 20 minutes after his last message and less than an hour after his first message.  I don’t think there was any cause for him to go apeshit on me.  This reminds me of one time when he acted totally insane while we were dating.  On that day I had a job interview which I of course told him about.  After my job interview, I was tired so I decided to have a nap.  I left my interview shoes in the 玄関 (entryway) and didn’t bother to put them back into the shoe cabinet since it was my house and I could do whatever the fuck I wanted.  Mamoru had a key to my house at that time, but since I was napping I decided to put the chain lock on too.  (Don’t ask me why I did that.  Japan is the safest place ever.)  Mamoru came over to my house, but couldn’t open the door, saw MY shoes in the 玄関 and left my house.  He didn’t say anything to me, he didn’t call, he just left.  I’m not the heaviest of sleepers, so I heard the noise, but didn’t get to the door in time.  He was already gone, so I called him and was like WTF?  He said that he thought I put the chain lock on because I was cheating on him (apparently with some man with abnormally small feet) because he assumed that my interview shoes were a man’s shoes (thanks fashion police).  Yes, this is actually what happened.  I can’t make this shit up.  I talked him into coming back to my house, but he still looked at me skeptically even after showing him the shoes (like I could make a naked man disappear in a couple minutes).  He has conveniently forgotten that he ever did this.  Much like he forgets everything I tell him.  However, he can remember the name of the dog who used to live at the ryokan where we used to celebrate our anniversary (rest in peace Chibi-chan).  Last night was another example of Mamoru being crazy as he assumed I was doing something akin to cheating on him with some man with abnormally small feet.

I worry about the future with Mamoru.  Will he develop Alzheimer’s?  In her 60s now, my mom has early signs of Alzheimer’s (which runs in our family) like forgetfulness and memory loss.  Mamoru also has Alzheimer’s in his family.  What will our future be like?  Meanwhile, I have a fantastic memory, so I guess I’m happy to kill off brain cells with tequila shots.  However, that took me back to being in my 20s and doing body shots of tequila off of hot girls.  Needless to say I’m not 21 any more and should definitely drink more responsibly next time.  I think that’s enough for today.  Back to sleep for me.







4 thoughts on “Your daily dose of WTF…

  1. I second the ugh, tequila!
    My husband also has the memory of a gnat and works an odd shift schedule so he is always so lost time wise. I made a dry erase, two month magnet calendar that goes on our front door. We put everything on it so he remembers when I’ll be gone and when he needs to go to the dentist.


    1. Blueberry! Thank you so much for the calendar idea. I made one this morning and showed it to the husband. (I don’t know why I didn’t think of such a simple solution!) Anyway, he thought it was a great idea.


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