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Rain, calendars, and self care…

Today is a rainy day.  I hate the rain.  Here it’s almost always cloudy or rainy.  The weather is proper shit.  I hate it.  I am a child of sunshine.  I was born, I grew, and I thrived in the sunshine.  And then I moved to Japan and what the hell?  Talk about a weather 180.

A new follower to my blog suggested that I make a calendar because it works for her and her short term memory laden husband.  Well, this morning since it’s rainy, the first thing I did was cancel a meeting with a new client.  Yes, I canceled because it was raining.  No, that’s not very professional, but hell I’m a freelancer, and I don’t give a fuck.  Also, I start at Company H soon (I wish they would fucking tell me when) and I REALLY shouldn’t be taking on new freelance clients.  However, I offered to reschedule next week.  My time with Demande has been cut to one day (and cut by 2 hours) the past two weeks and probably next week too since he told me his mom and sister are visiting then.  This means I have more open days in my schedule for the time being.  However, I expect things to get a little difficult once I start at Company H.  Oops!  I was talking about the calendar.  Damn, shut up noisy brain.  After canceling that freelance client, I made a two month calendar, wrote my schedule on it, and sent it to Mamoru.  He thought it was a great idea.  I suggested he add Saturday work and trips on there too.  I’m glad he’s behind this idea.

So now, I have this rainy day off, but we shopped yesterday (when it was actually sunny).  The house is stocked full of food, and I have no reason to leave.  I’m going to take a bath and then watch TV.  It’s a perfect, quiet day for me.  After all the tumult I’ve had this weekend with Mamoru this is exactly what my mental health needs to quiet all the noise inside my brain.  Self care, kids.  It’s important.  Don’t let anything that isn’t crucial get in the way of talking care of yourself.

In other news, I’m so so so close to another kg gone.  I may have fallen off the wagon temporarily by trying the new Starbucks Sunshine Mandarin Mango Tea Frappuccino.  OMG it’s heavenly.  I did balance it out by eating a low carb breakfast and dinner, and I rode my bicycle yesterday.  The scale this morning didn’t say a crazy increase in weight. (In fact, it showed a decrease back to the weight the morning after tequila induced vomiting…yeah not my finest adult moment, and in hindsight 4 might have been one too many.)  Trying that frappuccino once was not the worst thing I could have done.  It’s a good thing these drinks are limited.  Meanwhile, I’ll have to will myself away from that drink every time I’m near a Starbucks.

I’m off to start my day of nothing.  What a wonderful day!





4 thoughts on “Rain, calendars, and self care…

  1. I hope the calendar idea works out for you! It has done wonders for us. Before either of us can text each other the “where are you” question, we have to check the calendar. IT has made life scheduling so much easier.

    I also hate the rain. I’m a child of the snow. 🙂

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  2. Hope you enjoy (enjoyed? Are enjoying? – I have no idea of the time difference!) your day of doing nothing. The calendar sounds like a great idea… as long as he looks at it! Actually, if he already has a calendar with his own appointments in (does he?) he will look anyway and will automatically have to see your schedule as well. Win-win.


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