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Fantastic news…

The scale today showed something beautiful.  Two kilos gone!  I’m so happy to see this!  That means I’ve lost 5 pounds.  That means I’m halfway to my first goal weight.  This is so awesome!  Low carb I tell ya!  Actually, it’s not been very difficult at all.  I eat so many delicious foods that I don’t miss carbs at all.  I do miss sweets though which is why a Starbucks Frappuccino may lure me in from time to time.  I did find some recipes for low carb sweets but I need the ingredients to make the stuff.  Japan isn’t big on low carb and gluten free ingredients like almond flour.

I just had a long talk on Skype with my friend Fish Eye (give me a break here, I’m running out of names).  Fish Eye and I were in graduate school together, and he came to visit Japan when I lived in my previous city.  He’s a great guy and has a new wonderful boyfriend.  I had to catch him up on all the woes since moving here.  He’s wonderfully kind and supportive and told me I could talk to him any time I’m feeling down and even encouraged me to do so.  I hate dumping my problems on people.  I mean this blog is a sufficient dumping ground right?  Anyway, the chat was lovely, and I laughed and had a good time.  I’m so fortunate to have the friends I have especially since it’s not been a piece of cake making friends in this new city, so they are my saving grace sometimes.

Today I’ve got to meet with Demande.  He changed our schedule from four hours today to two hours today and two on Saturday ( which is okay since Mamoru is working again).  I swear the most annoying thing about doing freelance work for Demande is that he’s constantly changing our schedule which isn’t a big problem right now, but I foresee it becoming a problem when I start at Company H.  I’m off to do my daily push ups and crunches and then get ready for the day.  I’m a bit groggy because I took some Advil PM last night (and it usually makes me feel hungover).  Mamoru didn’t sleep in our bed last night, and I had difficulty sleeping.  Today isn’t completely sunny but the weather tells me there are sunny days in the future.  I’m so happy spring is here.  Bring on the cherry blossoms next!  Have a wonderful day/night everyone!

3 thoughts on “Fantastic news…

  1. Way to go on the 5lbs.! My co-worker is doing low carb, and it is also working very well for him too.

    I laminate with my old friends that are now scattered across the globe how hard it is to make friends the older we get. It seemed so much easier when we were 6.


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