Ending the week…

Things have been kind of low key, but I don’t mind.  Yesterday, I had my usual client meetings.  I rode my bike to one and it took about 35 minutes one way, but I got the route down, so it’ll be easier to do in the future.  However, we don’t have meetings the next two weeks because my client’s kids are out of school.  My usual Friday meeting has been postponed for the next two weeks too, and that’s actually super nice because it’s pretty far away and commuting takes a long time.  This afternoon I had a Japanese lesson, and it was okay.  I can’t understand a lot of what she says.  It might be the dialect.  However, she’s the only person to respond to me these days, and I desperately need to start studying Japanese again since I suck at motivating myself to study.

Later I’m going to yoga.  I tried to take a nap today but just as I fell asleep, my phone buzzed.  I always forget to turn it off at nap times.  I’m so tired today because I couldn’t sleep last night.  Mamoru didn’t sleep in our bed last night and only half the night the night before, and one hour the night before that.  I’ve been drugging myself on Advil PM to sleep, but I didn’t take it last night until about 4AM which I really regretted once 9:30AM rolled around and I couldn’t sleep any longer.

It was a bit of a turbulent morning as I noticed after walking Small Lady that one of her back toenails had grown too long and was cutting into her skin.  Normally, the walks keep her nails mostly short, but she has two back toenails that curve and have to be cut regularly.  I fought with her for about ten minutes because she wouldn’t let me touch her foot without trying to bite me and wiggling away.  After enough of that I wised up and soaked her foot in a bowl of hot water (because you should always cut your own nails after they’ve been softened by a soak in some hot water).  This did the trick because I was able to pry the nail away from her foot bed and cut it off.  After, I washed her foot with some medicated shampoo.  I feel so horrible that I didn’t notice that this had happened.  What a terrible mother I am.  So we’ve been relaxing the whole day, and I gave her a treat for powering through that ordeal.

I’m off to make a Caramelized Onion and Goat Cheese Quiche.  It’s super low carb and it sounds absolutely delicious.  Caramelized onions, goat cheese, what’s not to like?


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