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New friends and other stuff…

I’m lounging around waiting for my meeting with Demande.  It’s Saturday, but since it’s the last Saturday for a while Mamoru has to work, I scheduled a meeting with Demande.

Last night I went to yoga.  Maybe 3 weeks ago we had yoga in the park, and I met this gay boy who I’ll call Kunzite.  He had to do some traveling for work, but last night he was back at yoga.  I asked if he wanted to go get something to drink after yoga, but he practically shrieked that he was hungry so we decided to get food instead.  While we were outside, one of the girls who was at yoga, Kotono, asked what we were up to, so I invited her along.  We walked toward the touristy area because I thought it was better than the area we were in.  Kotono directed us down a street full of tiny yakitori shops.  Since I wasn’t planning on eating (only drinking), I told Kunzite to pick the restaurant.  When we got to the end of the road, we saw a Singaporean restaurant.  Due to lack of desire from any of us to keep walking we ended up there.  Kunzite used to live in Singapore for 10 years so he explained all the foods to us.  He ended up ordering some noodles and Kotono ordered a different kind of noodles, but Kunzite found a vegetarian vegetable dish for me.  While we were at dinner, Demande messaged me, and because he lives in the area where we were, I invited him to come hang with us.  After the restaurant, we headed to a bar.  We talked and laughed and had such an amazing time.  Demande didn’t show up until about 40 minutes before we had to leave (last train woes).  The only problem with going to a bar in Japan is that when you leave, you reek of smoke.  It’s so gross.  That aside I’m so happy to have FINALLY made some friends here.  I had about given up hope.

In other news, Mamoru slept in the bed last night.  This morning I was dancing around without underwear because they were in the dryer.  Mamoru’s first thought was to koncho me.  (If you don’t know what that is, please visit this link.  I’ve spared you the videos.  Google those at your own risk.)  How fucking romantic right?  I rolled my eyes and called him a child.  I suppose this could be one reason TTC had been so hard in the past.

In other other news, I’m thisclose to 1 more kg lost.  How exciting!  On a FB group I’m a member of a girl said she lost 25lbs on low carb.  Holy balls!  That’s pretty damn awesome.  I’m feeling good about this, guys.  (I also love that I don’t have to give up alcohol or sugar of anything fun.)

That’s it for me today.  Got to get to work soon!

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