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Busy day…

Today was busy AF.  This afternoon I had a meeting at Company H.  I had to take three trains and it took 50 minutes to get there and I had to go up and down a million stairs since there are like 5 escalators in this whole city.  Well, that’s utter bullshit.  I can’t wait until I start so I can ride my bicycle (which will likely take the same amount of time).

After that instead of taking the third train I decided to walk the last 2.5km.  It was good exercise (since I was walking briskly), but the shoes I was wearing were not walking shoes so I got a blister.  After that I sat down for literally 20 minutes, ate some peanuts and then had to run to the airport to pick up a friend who is staying with us for about a week and a half.  (I’d say it puts a damper on our sex life if we were actually having sex.)  Mamoru didn’t come to bed last night  Probably trying to get one last sleep on the couch before he’s forced to sleep in the DREADED BED.  FML.  Right?  Anyway, other things aside now is the first time I’ve had a minute to rest all day.  My feet are killing me, but I hope the scale reflects a drop tomorrow.  The past three days it’s been xx.6kg.  I’m getting tired of that fucking number.

That’s really all for today.  My life hasn’t been very exciting lately.  To sum up: today was busy, I’m exhausted, I still weigh the same.  That is all.

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