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What the fuck?

Today I ventured to a nearby town to have lunch with a friend who is leaving Japan.  During lunch we talked about all things under the sun including her sexcapades.  In addition to her wild stories she gave me some tips as to how to secure my place in Japan (in the event that Mamoru’s threats of divorce actually become a reality).  I’m sad that I even have to do this, but basically I need to take care of myself.  Mamoru is so wishy-washy.  Who knows if the next time requests a divorce he’ll actually mean it.  I read somewhere that if your spouse uses divorce as a threat that he or she is being emotionally manipulative.  It’s just sad.  It’s sad what has happened to us.  Things were so great before we moved here.  I wish we could go back to that time.  Anyway, my friend suggested that I find out if Mamoru is paying into a pension for me.  When I asked, he said no.  This is incredibly frustrating and should be filed under “shit no one tells you when you move abroad”.  She says it’s common for husbands to do this for their wives no matter what the wife’s salary.  Mamoru didn’t believe this and instead of being willing and eager to help is UNEMPLOYED (since October) wife, he wanted to argue about it.  That made me so angry.  Basically, he wanted me to not work, he wanted to be stingy about giving me money, and he didn’t want to pay into a pension for me.  I have no fucking clue why he didn’t want me to work if he didn’t want to support me at all.  Basically sit around the fucking house and do nothing always?  What the fuck?

Next, she suggested I get to work on permanent residency.  Basically, in Japan permanent residency is granted after ten years living in Japan.  However, I can convert my spousal visa to a permanent residency visa after 3 years of marriage which will happen this year.  Since my spousal visa expires in 2018, now is the best time to convert it to a permanent residency visa.  I always wanted permanent residency but I didn’t think I could get it so soon.  This will be a huge burden lifted off me, and I won’t have to depend on Mamoru for my visa anymore.  Additionally, I wont have to go through the renewal process which is a pain in the ass.

In more awful news, the scale read xx.6kg again.  Is it just fucking with me?  Was the 2kg I lost ALL water weight?  That can’t be right.  Yesterday, I walked 2.5km, and today I walked 5km.  This scale needs to quit being a dick and register some weight loss.  I’m still eating low-carb.  I haven’t had any extravagant meals.  What the fuck, scale?  I’m ready to toss it out the window.  I hope it knows that.

I guess that’s all the stress life has decided to throw at me right now.  What the fuck life?  Stop being a dick.

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