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A change did me good…

On Saturday Mamoru and I decided that we need a new washer after his old washer left deposits on our clothes for the last time.  Yesterday we went to the big touristy area because that’s where the big 電気屋 is.  While I was nursing a headache the entire time, he picked out a washer that he liked best (as I don’t have any preferences for that kind of stuff though I was impressed to see that Japan FINALLY has hot water washing as an option now).  As an aside the 電気屋 is steps away from the place where Demande, and I used to work and I felt a twinge of pain being in that area.  We had a rest and some tea (and pie for Mamoru) and then went off to go wallet shopping (my negotiated White Day present).  While wallet shopping, we passed an empty hair salon and I lamented to Mamoru that I needed to get my hair cut as it had become quite crispy on the ends.  After finding a wallet, I asked Mamoru if he’d help me schedule me a haircut.  I found a place that was gaijin friendly and we went up there hoping I could squeeze in.  Unfortunately, they couldn’t, so we left and I did some more searching.  Mamoru started to get crabby, so after he got food, I negotiated a meal at a vegan cafe in lieu of me cooking dinner tonight if I could get in the gaijin friendly salon later in the evening.  As it turns out, they could fit me in at 6:30PM, so we had an early dinner and then I walked with Mamoru back to the station.

I went back to the salon, they took my sweater and bag, and sat me in a chair.  My stylist (actually the manager) came and introduced himself and asked me what I wanted.  I was like “Dude, I don’t fucking know.  This shit is dead. Can you fix it?”  He showed me some photos, he asked me what I liked, and then he finally decided on giving me some layers and side bangs.  One of the shop girls took me back to the bowl and washed my hair and we chatted in an eclectic Japanese and English mix about anime (ones she loved but I had never seen) and NY.  She was adorable.  Then it was back to the chair.  I sat there for a while because my stylist’s last client was blathering on and on about treatment.  I kept saying in my head that she should shut the fuck up, so he could come over here and cut my hair but she kept on and on.  Finally, she let him go, and he came over to work his magic.  While he cut, we chatted about marriage, family, and music, and it turns out he has an affinity for saying “fuck” which is funny because I do too.  He was super nice and funny, but the best part is what he did to my hair.  When it was dry, I was unimpressed, but he was like “I want to style it.”  Of course, I let him and holy shit.  I looked fucking gorgeous.  I almost cried.  It was a complete 180°!  The cut made my balayage look incredible.  My hair is so much lighter and softer.  It’s amazing what a hair cut can do for self confidence and mood.  After that, I walked through that touristy area with my head held high.

Today I had planned on cycling up to Company H to time how long it would take me to ride my bike there as tomorrow is my first day, but it’s cold and gray and I feel like napping all day instead.  I don’t even know if I’ll be able to ride there tomorrow as rain is in the forecast…again.  I’m still trying to muster up the energy to take Small Lady out for a walk.  I guess I just decided to have a lazy day and watch TV.  It’s my last day off before starting work again, but sadly it wasn’t supposed to be a day off as I had a meeting scheduled with Demande.  I’ll try not to lie in bed and sulk about it because I look damn fabulous.  That’s always a comfort.

3 thoughts on “A change did me good…

  1. I hope you made the most of your unexpected day off. I know the circumstances weren’t the best, but having a day to relax before starting at a new company can only be positive, right?


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