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What’s new?

Let’s give a warm (not really) TTC welcome to Cycle #13.

What’s new with me you may ask? (Maybe not.)  Well, today is my first day at Company H.  I’m sitting on the train which doesn’t leave for ten more minutes.  I’ll tell you later how it went but I anticipate it’ll be pretty boring since I’m at the south location which is less busy than the main office.  I’m equipped with my Kindle to stave off the boredom.

In other news I’m doing pretty good with this low-carb business.  I’m down 3kg (roughly 4.5 pounds).  My pants feel a little looser, and I swear my face looks thinner.

The house guest has left, and my house is mine once again.  Peace has returned to the kingdom.  However, my prince sleeps in the bed only sometimes.  Last night he didn’t come to bed at all.  No surprise there really.

TTC is still on hold.  I’m not super anxious to start trying again, but I think Mamoru is getting baby fever again.  Sigh.  Nonetheless, I updated the Charts tab.

I’ve had a haircut and look and feel fabulous!  It’s helping fight off the depression which has been hanging around after being fired from a friendship.

That’s all that’s new for me.  Thanks for stopping by.

One thought on “What’s new?

  1. Hope your first day goes well!

    Well done on the 3kg! I lost 2 kg and have put 1.5 back on thanks to barbecuing at the weekend and eating a bag of chocolate eggs that I bought to send to a friend . Oops! Must do better this week!


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