I’m watching TV (well I’m mostly ignoring it) and poking around on Instagram checking posts in my new city when Line buzzes.  Demande has liked my new posts both of them, so I cautiously send him a sticker of Shinji peeking around the corner.  He responds with a super sad looking Shinji sticker.  And just like that we have a dialogue.


He said he hurt his girlfriend, but when I asked what happened, he refused to tell me.  I was correct in gauging what had happened from the song lyrics.  He said he’s kept himself locked behind closed doors playing PS4 and hating himself.  😞

My heart aches.  It hurt especially hard when he said that he’s still my friend, and as much as I want to make him feel bad for cutting me off like that, I think that he already does (because he said so).  He said he was afraid that I’d hate him.  I don’t have a lot of hate in my heart.  If you ask me if I hate anyone, I might say I hate my sister.  Then again I might not say I hate her, but I hate the way she treated me and my mother at Christmas.  (You can read about that bullshit here.)  I hate the way she uses my niece to punish people.  Anyway, this isn’t about her.  How dare she interlope into my blog!

So Demande and I talked.  I don’t know if I’m still fired or not, but at least he’s still my friend, and as I said before that matters more than any amount of money he could ever throw at me.  I’m certain everything is not 100% okay, but things are better than before and that’s something right?  That gives me a little bit of hope.

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