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All the pretty flowers…

Today I can’t complain about anything.  It’s a beautiful sunny day.  Demande is still my friend.  And today I celebrate 4kg lost!  All these things put me in a fantastic mood, so I decided to cycle up to a nearby park and take pictures of the cherry blossoms before they disappear for another year.

Above is a random sampling of photos I took today.  Today is probably the most beautiful day I’ve experienced since we moved here.  It’s the perfect temperature, not too hot or cold, and the sky is as blue as I’ve ever seen it.  While I was walking around, I saw a food truck selling shaved ice and 黒ごま ice cream.


The inedible looking gray thing up there is black sesame ice cream and it’s my favorite ice cream in the world.  Usually, you can only find it in super touristy areas.  Today must be my lucky day.  (I know ice cream isn’t super low carb because of the sugar but generally Japanese sweets aren’t as sweet as American ones and this didn’t taste super sweet.  Also, I threw that cone in the garbage.  もたいない!)

So that was my afternoon.  I think that had what happened yesterday evening not have happened then I would have spent this beautiful day holed up in my room lying on the bed.  When things mend, it’s better for a person’s mental health for sure.

I hope the rest of you had an equally lovely day.

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