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A happy weekend…

Saturday was spent gazing at more cherry blossoms.  The weather wasn’t as perfect as Friday, but we did see some gorgeous blooms amongst hoards of people.


These green さくら are pretty rare which many many people said over and over again in Japanese.


Both the green and the pink are double petal cherry blossoms, so they look different from the blooms you probably recognize as the iconic cherry blossoms.

After that I made dinner, and then we went to sleep.  It was a pretty low key day (if you don’t count grumbling over the immense crowds of people).

Today (Sunday) I went to yoga in the morning, and got my fill of vitamin D as it started to get quite warm after noon.  After Kotono and I walked around trying to find a coffee shop but they were all too crowded, so we gave up.  I walked to my station and she walked her bike along with me and we chatted.  She wanted the skinny on Demande, so I told her what happened.  She basically gave me a very Japanese “I told you so.”

Then as soon as I got home, Mamoru and I went out again in search of a more comfortable seat for my bicycle.  See I’ve been riding it to Company H which is 11km (one way).  After 22km in a day my ass is sore AF.  We rode up to the biggest bike shop in our neighborhood but they were going out of business, so they directed us to an even bigger shop nearby.  I found a comfy seat and my ass felt fantastic the whole ride home.  I hope it feels the same 22km later.

Also, while we were out I took a chance and messaged the girl who was sitting next to me at yoga on Facebook.  It turns out she’s super fucking cool and a model (holy hell right).  She was very friendly and invited me to a ton of shit already, so I guess the days of being lonely here are long gone.

After that Mamoru did some work (mostly he napped though) while I watched TV and napped.  Then we watched The Good Dinosaur.  I definitely recommend that one if you haven’t seen it yet.

Now I’m writing this blog and chatting with Demande on Line and that girl on Facebook.  It was a nice weekend, and I’m happy right now.  Tomorrow I have the day off and aside from a Japanese lesson, I have the whole day free to do whatever I please.  I’m very much looking forward to it.  I hope you have (or had) a lovely weekend!

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