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Today is a good day.  The scale reported my first goal reached.  Today I’ve officially lost 5kg!  Woohoo!  That also means I’ve lost 11 pounds!  Wow! (Mamoru says my legs and face look skinnier.)

My next goal is 5 more kilograms, and then I’m finished.  This will make my BMI “normal” (but you know I think it’s bullshit anyway).  Granted I won’t ever be able to gorge myself on carbs again as I read that will just put the weight back on, but I should be able to eat enough carbs to maintain that weight (as in not lose more weight nor gain it all back).

Right now I eat between 20 and 50 carbs a day (but I try to keep that number nearer to 20).

To maintain I can eat 50 – 100 on low exercise days.

I can eat 100 – 150 on high exercise days (I’d wager that’s when I’m riding 22km to Company H).

This, I think, will be much easier than what I’m doing right now.  Demande seems to think the next 5kg will be more difficult than the first 5kg.  I guess we’ll see.  My guess is he’s never been fat.  (Not that I think I’m fat.  I think I’m fatter than I’d like to be.)

Anyway, I worked at the main branch of Company H today.  It was a completely different dynamic there with a whole mix of different people.  (Of course they were good folk, but I must admit I like the other location better.)  Two more days at this location.  Then it’s Golden Week (which means a week off), and then 3 more days at the main location and then it’s back to the other branch for 6 weeks.  That should be nice.   I’m looking forward to it.

That’s it.  No more news.  Wish me luck on the next 5kg!

4 thoughts on “GOAL!

  1. Woo hoo! Congratulations on reaching your first milestone!

    I have heard the first 5 kg is the easiest to lose. I don’t know, but I have 7.8 kg to lose to reach my goal weight. My BMI is already “normal”, but at the upper end. I want to weigh the same as I did 5 years ago and fit back into my favourite dress.


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