New news…

I just can’t get into Kindara like I once did.  I mean I love the app.  I love the sense of community it brings, but if you’re not actively TTC it seems like no one is interested in you.  In addition, the app is still not perfect.  It lacks individual notifications which could help a user see whose chart has been commented on recently.  I try to keep up with the charts I follow, but most times people get lost in the shuffle.  Also, nearly everyone I followed when I started using the app has gotten PG.  While I’m glad it worked for them, it’s still not worked for me and a handful of other girls.  It’s painful to watch their hopes build only to see those hopes shattered at the end of the month.

What else is new?  Mamoru and I talked last night.  Not about anything dramatic or serious.  We just had a normal human talk.  While he had been good at that for a while, getting sick put him off talking with me.  So it was good.

Demande and I also talked last night.  Basically, we started off like “fuck you” well “fuck you too” and then it evolved into a more civilized conversation.  I pretty much called him a bad friend which made him angry which made his English complete shit, and I didn’t understand a number of his texts (and to be honest I didn’t want him to clarify).  Truthfully, he isn’t a very good friend.  I always text him first.  He is always too “busy” to hang out.  He keeps things from me.  I guess he at least answers my messages whereas Motoki doesn’t. (Ha, remember Motoki.?  Yeah me neither since he’s ignored me for months.)  If there was a bad friend scale…

In other friend news I may have made a few more new friends.  Nothing solid enough to give these people pseudonyms yet, so we’ll see how these potential friendships play out.  However, Kunzite and Kotono will always be my number ones here.  It seems like my new home isn’t the worst place in the world despite my earlier feelings.

The charts and pseudonyms have been updated.  That’s all that’s new for now.  I’ve got to take Small Lady for her walk and start my day.  I hope you have a great day.


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