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On cats and rabbits…

The cat died.  I’m referring to this cat if you missed the story.  He had a cat funeral for her.  It was incredibly touching albeit a little bit morbid.  He sent me pictures of her laid out on a silk bed surrounded by tons of food and other such treasures presumably to take with her to the afterlife.  I’ve never seen anything like it.  I’m wondering if it’s a Japanese thing.  When my first dog died, she was cremated, but before the doctor printed her paw which I later framed and kept with her tags.  We didn’t have a fancy funeral for her.  If anyone knows about this, feel free to enlighten me.  Demande is gutted which of course is understandable.  I offered him a shoulder to cry on or someone to drink with.  He declined.  I did the best I could as I friend.  I offered my condolences.  I offered my time.  I was there if he needed me.

In other news Mamoru and I took a day during Golden Week to borrow お父さん’s car and drive to Hiroshima to see bunnies.  See once upon a time, there was an island filled will poison gas.  Now that island is full of bunnies.  Better now I think.  大久野島 is an island in Hiroshima that was home to a poison gas factory during WWII.  After the war they dumped a bunch of bunnies on the island, so now it’s just full of cute.


What remains of the poison gas factory.
They will literally eat right out of your hand.



So うさぎ島 or Bunny Island was great.  I don’t know if it was wait in line for almost four hours and get a sunburn great, but I enjoyed it.  Mamoru bought grain and dried pineapple for them and they loved both.

Today we hung out with お父さん and had lunch and went to Costco.  My lunch was literally just salad as apparently the restaurant thought that minestrone soup was supposed to be made with pork and no beans.  (Oh and cabbage apparently?)  I couldn’t eat it.  After that we went home but I didn’t have much time to relax because I had to run off to yoga.  Before I left, I asked Mamoru if he’d just make the bed for me.  After yoga this girl I wanted to hang out last yoga class invited me to dinner (after I sneakily asked our yoga teacher her name and sent her a message on Meetup).  I said I didn’t want to eat but I said I’d have a drink and chat.  This girl is totally my kindred spirit you guys.  We were instant best friends.  What’s more is I dragged her into a プリクラ machine and she legit loved it!  It was a happy night.

Until I got home and of course the bed was not made because Mamoru slept the entire time I was gone.  Fine.  I don’t care if he takes a nap, but shit I asked him to make the fucking bed, not end world hunger.  When he grumped about afterwards, I asked him why the hell he was so grumpy suddenly.  He said it was because I was angry.  Because he had to argue about it, and because the only reason he made the bed is because when I got home, I noticed the bed wasn’t made and told him to do it.  This is what marriage is.  Fighting about stupid fucking shit.  I’m pretty sure he’s sleeping on the sofa right now.

Anyway, that’s all.  Ups and downs.  I hope your days and nights are lovely.  Happy weekend to you.

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