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Sunday and Monday morning…

Motivation: 0.  I stayed up until after 1AM last night watching “Sense8”.  Mamoru went to be early fearing he might be getting sick again.  Sigh.  Today GW is officially over for Japan but I don’t work on Mondays so I still have one today.  Now I’m waiting for a delivery which is supposed to be here before noon.  I still have to do my Japanese homework which I didn’t do at all during GW (no surprise there).

The scale was photo worthy this morning!  I lost another kilo and because I wanted to order a corset for a potential Halloween costume, I measured my waist.  It’s the same size it was some 5 (or more) years ago.  I was delighted!

Yesterday Mamoru and I ended our GW by seeing Beauty and the Beast.  It was lovely.  Then, I had coffee with Kotono to apologize for canceling the day before.  We had a really nice chat and I found out she’s a lot more like me than I had initially thought.  I told her about Michiru and said they need to meet!  Kotono was for it.  I think I have enough friends to organize a game night.  How exciting!

I don’t know what other news I have for you.  Even though I am highly unmotivated today, I’m ready to go back to work.  I’ve had enough vacation (as well as this sunburn thank you very much.)  I still have some potential new friends in the works.  (Michiru is a new addition to Pseudonyms.)  Still waiting to see how they pan out before committing them to the blog with pseudonyms.  I hope you have a wonderful day or nice end of the weekend.


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