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Married life and shopping…

A friend invited me out tonight.  I should have gone because I’m currently looking at Mamoru sleeping on the sofa which is where I’m sure he’ll stay all night.  I should have gone because I’m spending another lonely night in the same house as my husband but not in the same world.  Often we are in two different worlds.  I’m trying not to be angry about this because earlier today as we were headed to the touristy area to do some shopping (more on that later), he said he was feeling really stressed.  I’m assuming he always feels stressed but he normally doesn’t tell me, so I’m just chalking this whole thing up to well at least he communicated with me.  My life, my life, my lonely life.  I went out with Kotono and Kunzite last night and before I did, I told Mamoru.  He had the gall to said he was going to be a lonely husband.  Excuse me?  My official fucking title is “lonely wife”.  Then we got into it when I came home because he wasn’t interested in greeting me despite me saying ただいま five fucking times.  Never mind the fact that every single night he comes home from work, I greet him at the door and ask him how his day was.  He seldom if ever does the same for me, and I was just sick of it.

On a good note, I got a bunch of new (and much smaller clothes today).  A couple of things I just squeezed into and normally I wouldn’t have bought them but I’ve got 4 more kilograms to lose and I’m sure they’ll fit better after that.  I boldly bought a pair of too tight shorts which will be set aside until I reach that final 4.  I also bought some new yoga pants.  Truthfully one of my favorite things to do is go shopping.  However, I since I had gotten heavier Japanese clothes had been even more difficult to fit into.  Today was a joyous shopping day.  Things fit!  Smaller sizes than normal fit!  Things looked good on my body!  I maybe have spent more than I should have but I don’t care.  The clothes made me happy and these days there are few moments of happiness in my life.

Well, it looks like by some miracle Mamoru has gotten in the shower.  I don’t know if he’ll be tired enough to sleep in the bed, so I guess we’ll see.  Sigh.  Married life.  I hope your weekend is a happy one.

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