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M day…

Yesterday was Mother’s Day in Japan (and today in the US) and because of the time difference I get to hear about it twice.  Yay.  Hashtag sarcasm.  Yesterday I managed to successfully avoid thinking about it at all.  I went to yoga in the morning and Kotono and Michiru were there (no Kunzite as we suspected he was hungover).  After Kotono and I had coffee with our yoga teacher but before that Michiru (who lives really far away) said she was staying in town to see a DJ later that night.  She invited me along and if Mamoru was okay with it, I wanted to go.  I expressed fears that Mamoru would not be cool with it and Kotono suggested I spend time with him before.  When I got home, Mamoru was fine with me going to the dance club (and I also invited him but he declined).  I had said that I wanted to invite Michiru to have dinner with us since she didn’t live here and might find getting dinner hard (as she doesn’t eat meat).  She ended up going to a festival, so she didn’t have time for dinner.

Anyway, when I got home, Mamoru ran off to the supermarket but he was gone a long time.  When he got back, he proceeded to nap on the sofa up until dinner time, so Kotono’s idea of some QT with Mamoru never came to fruition.  It didn’t really matter anyway because at dinner he proceeded to say not more than 5 words to me.

Earlier that day Demande messaged me in good spirits,  He said he felt like drinking, so I invited him to go with Michiru and I to the dance club.  Later at the club, the first two DJs were no so great so Michiru and I drank and chatted and waited for the always late Demande.  We found out that DJ Peggy was going to be on at 9:30, and I vowed to dance with Michiru then.  Meanwhile, Demande and I caught up while Michiru sporadically ran to the dance floor and the bar.  He did seem to be in better spirits and we talked about new songs we both liked (not coincidentally some of the same ones).  It was really nice.  It was so great to see him smile and later to see him having an absolute blast.  He didn’t dance much but he treated Michiru and I to drinks all night.  He even threw money at her when she tried to pay.  He wouldn’t hear of it.  I danced almost all DJ Peggy’s set with Michiru and danced near Demande (since he wasn’t really dancing).  The energy from DJ Peggy was electric and Michiru was mad with the dance virus.  The best part of the evening was when I was talking about Demande (who of course was sitting right there) to Michiru and I told her the story of how I had had no friends here which I lamented to Demande.  At that point he had said “I’ll be your friend” with the utmost sincerity.  I told Michiru because of that Demande had been my first friend in a place which I had previously deemed super shitty.  At that point Michiru looked at both of us and said “Well, Usagi was my first friend here!”  And no shit you guys, I hugged her so tight that I was afraid I’d break her.  It was a beautiful night and happiness and love was overflowing everywhere fueled by electric techno.

And then the DJ ran late and I missed last train and had to take a taxi home.  Mamoru was none too happy about this (even though the taxi was only ¥2000, something which would never happen in my previous city).  He said he wasn’t mad but his messages were oddly curt.  This morning he again said he wasn’t angry but he didn’t say “I love you” before he left for work this morning.  So yeah so much good energy spoiled by Mamoru’s perpetual grump.

One thought on “M day…

  1. Ahh, don’t let Mamoru spoil your good night. Keep those good vibes flowing 🙂

    It was Mother’s Day in Switzerland and Germany yesterday as well, and the UK had theirs back in June so I have to be reminded on two separate occasions that I am not a mother. And of course a Facebook friend in the UK announced her second pregnancy to mark the occasion. Yay.


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