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We can’t always get what we want…

Airpods are cool you guys but are they really $159?  Whyyyyyyyy?!?!  So here’s the deal.  I have some really lovely Bluetooth noise canceling headphones, and I love the shit out of them and use them all the time.  Even on my bicycle.  I know big ダメ but everyone and their mother does it.  Plus I ride my slow ass ママチャリ on the sidewalk.  Anyway the headphones go over my ears and as the temperature goes up, these headphones turn my face into the equivalent of swamp ass.  Swamp face?  So my noise canceling are Plantronics.  I wanted to see if they had affordable earbuds.  They do.  I purchased them.  Starting next week no more swamp face.

Today was busy which was good because as of this week I’ve been shifted back to the other branch of Company H (the less busier branch).  Tuesday and Wednesday were dead.  Today was a nice normal busy day.  Then at home I had a brief break to watch an episode of “Outlander” and do dishes (ugh), and then I had to run off to meet a freelance client.  Luckily this client lives 5 minutes from my house by bicycle, so it’s my easiest gig yet.

After I came home, Mamoru came home a few minutes later.  I threw all the darks in the washer including what I was wearing.  We had an mild argument about his clothes.  Apparently, some of his clothes got holes in them.  He blamed it on my bras but my bras always go in a mesh bag, so I denied my bras’ involvement in said tragedy.  Either way it was a pair of underwear and socks both of which he has 2647591546420 pairs of.  If it was me, I’d throw them away and get on with my life but for some dumb fucking reason he’s having trouble letting this go.  Anyway, after that I pranced around naked (not literally prancing but there’s no better way to describe it) doing various tasks.  Legit Mamoru did not bat an eyelash.  Dude didn’t even look up from his damn iPad.  I am a sex goddess who apparently doesn’t have any sex because she can’t even catch the eye of her husband.  All jokes aside it honestly feels really shitty.  Like if a hot dude (or literally even a halfway decent dude) walked by me naked I’d watch.  I’d watch the shit out of that.  I may not be fucking hot but I’m halfway decent especially considering the weight I’ve lost.  So yeah feeling super special right now.  (Also, did I mention he hasn’t slept in our bed the past two days?  Doing great over here.)

Which brings me to my next topic.  Fucking shit this second 5kg is hard!  I’m stuck at x0kg with various decimal points following it.  I’ve been here for 15 fucking days.  I’d like to get down to x9.9kg (which would bring me into the next set of 10s) and stop being stupid stuck here.  I haven’t been doing anything different.  Maybe eating more fat bombs?  I don’t know what to do differently, and it’s frustrating.  However, people have begun to comment on my weight saying I look much thinner.  That’s nice.  It sucks that I was obviously fat looking before, but it’s nice to be thinner looking now.

Unrelated to any of the above I wish I could do freelance work for Demande again.  Seeing him last weekend made me realize how much I fucking miss him.  Hint: It’s a lot.  Also, Naru and I talked money this week, since she’s my resident money advisor.  We decided that I should attempt to save half my paycheck each month.  I think I should be able to do this because I’ve recently added a new freelance client (the one who’s near my house), and next week I am meeting a new potential client.  Even though this is a nice chunk of spending money, I still wish I could see Demande multiple times a week instead of spreading myself thinly amongst my other clients.

Sigh.  We can’t always get what we want.  (And that’s obviously the title of this blog.)

5 thoughts on “We can’t always get what we want…

  1. Don’t give up on that next 5 kg. There is always a plateau that people usually causes people to throw in the towel. It happened to my dad when he was trying to lose weight (then came holidays which caused him to regress some) but he kept trying and finally he passed the plateau and started to drop again. He says just that little weight loss makes him feel so much healthier than before. It’s worth it.

    Maybe you’re husband is just very stealthy at looking? Here’s hoping. My husband doesn’t look up when I walk in naked, even when he is feeling frisky. He just gets very still, but I never catch him “looking”. Ninja skills. Even when I ask him something and he has to look up, his gaze stays on my face.

    However, he does like it. Perhaps Japanese men are just masters of the pretending not notice. But I definitely say he notices, if just for how hard he tries to act like he isn’t.


    1. Oh I’m not giving up. I’m just annoyed. I can’t get away from this number and it’s super frustrating.

      Yeah no he wasn’t looking at all. Not even stealthily. 😞

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  2. Don’t think of it as spending money. Remember, you need $1,000,000 in the bank to retire (not really but it helps). Old age and pensions and such don’t pay much. Ask you husband about how to invest in Japan or if you still have an account in America,do it there.
    Also, if he doesn’t even look up when you’re naked F him.
    Also, you don’t have to be fat for people to say you look thinner.
    Also, what the hell is an Airpod?


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