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The 5000 yen war…

That’s a cool title.  I’ll explain later.  This morning I drank a smoothie the ever wise internets said would help alleviate a hangover.  I’m not sure if if worked exactly, but I’ve also drank vegetable juice and coconut water today, so I’m expecting to feel better any minute (or pass out whichever comes first).

Last night was a weird wonderful night.  At almost 9PM I left our beloved coffee shop and headed to a nearby shopping mall to use the bathroom.  See I was wearing a jumpsuit which was a bit of work to get off.  Plus when you take if off, you’re practically naked.  Thank Japan for floor to ceiling bathroom stalls.  While I was in there messing around with the jumpsuit, Demande messaged me wanting to know where I was.  I told him, and he said he could meet me at 10PM.  Since I wanted to see him, I decided to wander around the area jam packed with tourists and go buy a belt.  While I was walking down a big busy street an old man got in front of me, started waving his hands and then grabbed my arm.  I cussed him out and walked away quickly.  (What’s worse is this is the second time this weekend something like that has happened.  On Friday an old ちかん put his hand on my ass on the train.  WTF is wrong with this city?)  After the belt was acquired, I wandered around a little bit more and noticed it was close to the time to meet Demande, so I started walking back toward his area.  I decided to take a less busy side street since I’d had my fill of crowds.  While I was walking a younger guy (maybe 20s) stopped me and asked me if I knew about illegal work.  Um…the fuck?!?!  No, I don’t.  I walked away from that guy quickly too.

Finally, I made it back to the shopping mall to meet Demande.  When he showed up he looked good.  Not a wreck and beaten by life.  But he did look a little sad.  However, I knew I was going to make him smile soon since I got him a present.  (Before that though the last two times Demande has seen me, he’s always commented on how much thinner I look.  It’s really nice to hear that.)  The present I got him (some Evangelion swag and chocolate) did make him smile which I told him I was happy to see.  We walked to a 外人 bar and talked about animals.  He asked after Small Lady (the first time he’s ever done that).  I also told him about my first dog who died of kidney failure (only 4 years old too young to be taken away).  I told him I know how he feels and maybe some day when he’s ready, he can get another cat.

At the bar we sat and talked and smiled and laughed.  I told him time and again how happy I was to see him happy (even if I knew deep down that it was only for a short time and he’d be sad again once he went back to his empty home).  While we were drinking our margaritas I said something about not having eaten and it being a poor choice to be drinking alcohol on an empty stomach.  “Oh I ordered food,” he said.  I was delighted and shocked when he told me that he ordered cheese and veggies (exactly stuff I could eat that was diet/vegetarian friendly).  He didn’t ask me.  He just did it.  Seriously buy me food (that I can eat while I’m on a difficult diet) and I’ll love you forever.  While we talked I told him that he can’t do that to me again.  Two times he’s stopped communication entirely.  It’s maddening.  He said he understood, but I don’t know if that means he’ll never do it again.  The hour got later, and I had to get to the station to make it to last train.  He walked me to the station like he had always done in the past.  He made sure to keep this drunken princess upright and on the side away from taxis which would kill you before they’d honk their horns.  Drunk, happy, and wishing I could stay out later (damn last train), I took the train home.  Mamoru was asleep when I got home.  I showered and crawled into bed drunk as fuck but happy to spend time with a dear friend.

When I got home Mamoru had left me a note saying that he was a disappointment which I scribbled “That’s ridiculous.  Don’t be silly” on and left it where he had left it for me.  In the morning the note was gone but I found 5000¥ on the table.  It was the money that sparked yesterday’s ugly fight.  He left it on my place mat which means he left it for me.  So basically, he gave it to me yesterday, he was a dick about it, so I gave it back.  I’ve not touched it all day.  The bottom line is we’re both so stubborn that it’ll probably stay there forever.  What should I do?  Should I keep it?  What do you think?

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