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I am near tears.  The scale told me today that I had lost 8kg (or 17 pounds).  I can’t even believe this.  Yesterday, I posted a picture of me riding my bicycle to Company H on FB.  I was overwhelmed with comments along the lines of “skinny” and “wow” and “tiny” which were all really super nice and flattering.  However, it is sad to think that fat me never warranted a hailstorm of comments like that.  Further proof that as a woman today the most attention comes in regards to your appearance.  But this post isn’t really a feminist rant.

I finished my last unsuccessful cycle.  I’m not surprised it was unsuccessful because we are still not trying.  Mamoru is still miserable due to pressures from his job.  He didn’t sleep in the bed at all this week.  As far as I know he stayed up all night working taking naps throughout the night.  I don’t know really because I was in bed like a normal human person.  Things between us haven’t gotten better nor have they gotten worse really so I guess we’ll stay in this holding pattern unless he’s willing to make some changes.  Change comes glacially for Japanese people, so we remain as we are.

In other news, on Sunday Demande scheduled me for freelance work again (tonight actually).  I am over the moon to be working with him again.  Let’s hope everything goes according to plan.  Fingers crossed.  In other work news work at Company H is going well.  I enjoy it immensely, and it’s incredibly low stress.  It’s getting hotter and more humid here, so the 11km (one way) ride is getting rougher.  On Thursday I sported a tank top for the ride which drew a lot of stares (tattoos).  (On a clothes tangent I am starting a pile of clothes that no longer fit.  What sucks about it is that a lot of the clothes are clothes for work that cover my tattoos, so I’m going to be needing to buy new work clothes soon.  Of course, clothes shopping is great.  Clothes shopping while skinnier is even greater.)

What else is new?  I updated the charts tab with my new super boring chart.  Nothing else new to add here.  I’ve got to hit the supermarket and do the dishes and get going with my day.  Including Demande I’ve got another 2 hour freelance meeting tonight.  Busy night.  I hope you enjoy your day and weekend when it comes!

3 thoughts on “8/17…

      1. It always feels good to be recognized for our hard work. Looking right and living healthy aren’t easy things (… or eating natto) It’s always when others notice our efforts 🙂


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