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Mega long crazy update…

Holy shit I haven’t written a blog in a while.  I’m sorry about that.  Life has got me wrapped up in it’s wave of damn near everything and I’ve only been home to eat or sleep.  This life is for the birds!  I’ve taken on another freelance client (Gurio) which doesn’t fill the gaping money hole left by Demande, but it helps a little bit.  Speaking of that guy (Demande), he randomly contacted me out of the blue after almost a month of radio silence.  I was angry, and we fought.  I called him a shitty friend many times over.  I don’t think anything was resolved, and I don’t think he’s gonna change.

The scale hit 67.5kg yesterday.  This means I’m finally below 150lbs!  (I’m at 148lbs.)  That drop came suddenly after wavering in the 68s for a long time.  I was so surprised to see that number.  However, today is Mamoru’s birthday and we went out to lunch at a buffet so I’m not sure if it plans to stay in the 67s.  I hope so because I was overjoyed!  Amazon Prime Day afforded me some affordable hand weights which is good because the 1kg weights I have are too easy now.  I tried the 2kg weights out tonight, and they were a little challenging so that’s good.

Shit I don’t think I have time to tell you everything that’s happened as of recently.  For starters I may have mentioned Rei to you before (without the pseudonym).  She and I have become SUPER close lately and have been spending every weekend together since we met.  We met at a karaoke Meetup, and since then I’ve been attending the same Meetup every week because it’s super fun.  Three weeks ago I went to karaoke as per usual and while waiting for Rei to show up I befriended Gurio and Shingo.  Gurio is a Japanese dude with a baby who sang “Let It Go” entirely in Japanese on cue even though the words to the song were displayed in English.  After that I was like “I must befriend this dude.”  As it turns out, he had freelance work for me to do too.  Shingo turned out to be constantly shoved around by my giant bag (aka my daily luggage), and I think my frequent comments about it made him laugh.  At the end of the night the karaoke crowd headed off to a club.  Rei and I weren’t interested in the club life, so we decided to finish the night at a bar.  Gurio and Shingo decided to tag along, and we were happy to have the company.  The bar was mostly uneventful except for me almost getting my ass beat by a drunk Middle Eastern guy.  Good times.  At the end of the night, Gurio headed home on a different train line and as it turns out Shingo was staying with a girl who lives in my neighborhood (like exact same station).  After Rei went home, Shingo couldn’t reach the girl he was staying with, so I asked Mamoru if I could bring this stray traveler home.  Mamoru said it was fine, so Shingo came home with me.  At about 2AM, his friend still wasn’t around and so Mamoru and I offered our sofa bed to him.  He declined.  The next night we had plans to hang out and when Shingo showed up he had his backpack.  He said he got kicked out because the girl he was staying with asked him to leave because her boyfriend got jealous of him (Shingo).  I asked Mamoru if Shingo could stay with us and that’s the basic story of how we sort of adopted Shingo.  Shingo is currently in Tokyo, but he says he’s coming back here and, of course, because he’s sort of our child, Mamoru and I said he could stay with us again.

In other news, this dude from Company H (Yuichiro) has been hanging around me a lot lately.  He’s so kind and funny and one day he came in and played the guitar for our office.  We had a sing along to him playing Jason Mraz.  It was so much fun.  Another time we sat around and talked about Spanish, and I taught him the most basic Spanish I know including how to use “Qué pasa, chica” as a pick up line (mostly it’s all in the inflection).  Now he says that to me a lot, and I can’t help but bust up laughing to see this Japanese dude using Spanish this way.  Plus, it reminds me of a boyfriend I had way back in the day who was Mexican.  He used to whisper Spanish in my ear while we had sex, so it definitely brings back some memories.  Anyway, Yuichiro and I toss around Spanish hellos and goodbyes and the occasional “buena suerte”.  It’s like our own code language in Japan since everyone here is either speaking Japanese or English.  It’s fun.  Anyway, he’s in a band and he invited me to go see him play tomorrow since it’s not too far from house.  I’m really looking forward to it because he’s such a good singer.  Also, Mamoru is off to Tokyo on business, so I have the night free.

I think that’s it.  Still no TTC and still little to no sex.  Of course, I’ll update you if any of that changes.  However, I’m happy to have so many new friends and I’m happy to always be surrounded by awesome people despite hating this place for so long.  Shit, I may never want to leave.

Good night.
Buenas noches.

Princess Serenity

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