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And holy shit…

I have a Japanese lesson soon and I should be finishing my homework but instead I’m writing this blog because a lot of shit happened this weekend and I need to get it out there.

Friday was the standard karaoke night back in session after an absence due to Mamoru’s birthday.  (Shingo bought him some imported beer.  Sweet.)  It was a night of friends.  Kotono, Shingo, Gurio and Rei were all there with me.  At the karaoke bar the bartenders are super nice and always give me doubles even though I pay for singles (probably ’cause I’m there almost every Friday and I turn on the cute mega big time).  Anyway in addition to that, the bartender dude was topping my drinks off with vodka.  This is not usually a problem as this has been happening for a while.  Recently the event coordinators have been giving out one free shot (of tequila).  Still no problem.  However, after karaoke we moved to a different bar with a DJ and a small dance floor.  I had forgotten this but this army guy had been buying Rei and me shots (maybe three?).  This plus two shots of tequila plus my vodka laced Reggae Punches sent me into the bathroom (luckily it was a single) with Kotono trailing behind me.  I vomited all that alcohol plus the Indian food I had for dinner.  In addition, I thought it would be a good idea to lie on the bathroom floor for a solid hour occasionally crawling to the toilet to vomit more (yay super brusied).  After a while Rei came into bathroom and tried to get me to drink water which I refused many times.  I did eventually take two sips which I promptly vomited on the stairs outside the bar once I finally manged to get my ass off the floor of the bathroom (literally propped up by Shingo and Kotono).  They put me in taxi and all piled in with me.  Fortunately, I told Kotono to send messages to Mamoru so he wouldn’t be mad.  Once I got home Kotono and Shingo helped me up the stairs.  I told Shingo I had to take a shower to wash the vomit out of my hair and he thought I’d drown.  I didn’t (obviously).  I did a terrible job though and passed out in the bed with my robe on and a towel wrapped around my head.  In the morning Mamoru thought it was funny and made so many jokes about it.  Unfortunately, all that vomiting didn’t affect my weight at all, so I guess there was no point in acting like a complete idiot Friday night.

On Saturday Kotono and I hung out during the day.  I bought her lunch for taking such good care of me on Friday.  Kunzite went to get his hair done at my salon and after he was done we met up with Shingo and had frozen yogurt.  Then Hoatru join us and we went to eat dinner with this Aussie tourist from Friday night and his lame friends.  That night I smartly decided to drink nothing.

On Sunday Mamoru, Shingo and お父さん went grape picking.  In the morning before though, Mamoru decided it would be a good idea to be an asshole to me and we got into a fight.  After we sorted it out, we all had a nice time grape picking but then after getting home Mamoru was super fucking pouty and he went to the gym at 5:30 but didn’t come home until 10:30.  Despite being mopey all night he wouldn’t tell me what his fucking problem was so I went to bed.  Again, no alcohol for me.

That was my weekend.  How was yours?

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