Rough week…

The past two days at work have been hell.  I am so ready to go back to Japan.  Just a few more days.  I can do this.

I did some retail therapy after work today because I needed it and I had coupons to use.  I know I shouldn’t be shopping.  My bags are about to burst and one is just holding steady at 23kg (50lbs).

When I got back to Mom’s, I ate (because I also forgot my lunch today) and then I helped her pack a couple boxes because she’s moving on Friday.  Not soon after that I started to feel not right so I lied down on the bed.  I might have dozed a bit.  When I got up I felt dizzy and like someone was standing on my chest and stomach.  Now I’m still hurting and have a headache to boot.  My Fitbit has been giving me restless sleep the past three nights and it’s troubling, so I’m gonna take some Advil PM tonight and see what happens.  If nothing else it will help with the shit I’m currently feeling.

I don’t know.  It took one and a half episodes of “Property Brothers” to write this blog.  I’m exhausted.  I’m in pain.  I’m ready to go home.  Four more days.

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