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Back to life…

It’s nearing 5AM in Japan, and it’s raining.  I’ve arrived home a little after 7PM.  Yesterday upon getting my massive bags up 3 flights of stairs, I immediately dropped to the ground and hugged the ever lovin’ crap outta Small Lady.  I’m not sure when Mamoru got home but I was well in dreamland at that time.  When I woke up at about 3:30AM, he was asleep on the sofa.  I unpacked a couple things, brushed my teeth, put some more clothes in the wash and now I’m  gonna watch some TV.  I’m so happy to be back home.  I’m so happy to be back to my normal life.

This week I hit the ground running.  I have a tattoo scheduled for later today, I’m meeting with freelance clients later this week, yoga and maybe karaoke on Friday, and I’ll be deep in the music on Saturday.  What a busy, wonderful week.  I’ll get paid this week for my one day of work in August and next week for the work I did while in the US.  It’s not much but it should get me by.  A regular full paycheck won’t be until November.  My October paycheck will be for two weeks work done in September at Company H.  I think I should be okay with US work money and freelance work.  I am beyond blissful to get back the routine I know and love.

In other news I thought I’d put on about 5kg while in the US but the scale actually read -2kg since my last weigh in before leaving.  This could be due to shit eating while on the plane.  Most of the vegetarian food they gave me was carb heavy, so I didn’t eat it only eating salad and fruit.  Thanks.  However, it turns out they couldn’t find my vegetarian snack.  They asked me if I could have a turkey sandwich (the regular snack) and I said “no”, so they brought me a partial tray from business class.  It was a spinach and strawberry salad with bleu cheese and balsamic, a swiss, mint, and melon salad, and a chocolate mousse cake.  Holy fuck it was the most delicious plane food I’ve ever eaten.  If only I was a rich man.  I am actually glad to be far far away from all the sugary temptations the US is constantly blasting in your face.  Back to my normal diet.  I am gonna give Thai Iced Tea a go made with Stevia.  I hope it’s not gross.

My birthday is soon.  I remember my last birthday in this new city.  Drinking Starbucks and walking trough my neighborhood alone and wondering if I’d ever like this place.  How much things have changed in almost a year and for the better.  I can honestly say I’m happy here in a place where I didn’t think happiness could exist.  (I’ll do a full reflection post on the actual anniversary.)

I’m off to return to normalcy (once sleeping habits also do so).  I hope you guys have a wonderful day wherever you are in the world.

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